The 5 | Things That Makes Me Happy Instantly 

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                        Hi dear, 

I officially started my end of session exams today and I have mixed feelings about it, but I’ve decided not to be stressed and to be happy all the last days of this semester. The best way to stay happy even the situation isn’t going as you wished for is to find happiness in the little things life gives to you and in today’s post I’d be sharing with you a few things that make me happy instantly. 

Sleeping : Growing up I learnt that sleep helps out bodies recover and repair from the days activity and that’s really awesome but for me, what I love the most about sleeping is how it shuts me out from thinking, worrying etc. Countless times I’ve slept grumpy and almost every one of such times I wake up with a smile. 

Complimenting Others : I’m not one to dish out compliments just for the sake of it because I want people to know that when I compliment them I really do mean it. Giving genuine compliments to people makes the heart to be at peace that way leaving you happy and most of the time you’d get complimented right back which will even make you happier. 

Talking To Family And Friends : This is the one thing I think everyone does when they need something/someone to lighten up their mood. I have a few friends that I might not necessarily tell them I’m sad but once I have a conversation I instantly forget my worries and have the heartiest laughs. 

Sleep Some More : If you sleep and you’re still grumpy SLEEP SOME MORE!! Trust me this works *insert laughing emoji here*

Find A Hobby : Since I started blogging and writing my opinions freely I’m hardly ever sad or not happy anymore. Drafting blog posts, reading the comments on my blog and replying them, checking my stats, knowing I’m somehow impacting in someone’s life etc really makes me happy. So if there is something you enjoy doing, always create time to do that thing as it brings satisfaction to your life which will translate into happiness. 

I’ve had people ask me a lot of times how I always seem to be happy everytime and that’s simply because I’ve taken my happiness into my hands rather than waiting for someone or something to make me happy like I used to and believe me when I say the result so far is amazing! So make that decision to stay happy today and enjoy the fullness of life. Do have an awesome week ahead.

            Till next time… xoxo

What are the little things that makes you happy? I’d really love to know, do share with me by leaving a comment below thanks. 


35 thoughts on “The 5 | Things That Makes Me Happy Instantly 

  1. awwwwwwn, so nice of u to share. sleeping z really therapeutic for me, i sleep when I’m bored, i sleep when I start to worry, sleeping basically helps me in a lot of ways, listening to music too makes me happy, sketching designs or just creating dem makes me happy too, good food makes me happy too lol 😀 nd d thing about complimenting odas too, u make dem happy nd d smile they return to u just makes u happy too, der are lots of thngs dat can make one happy, we all just nid to start making ourselves happy nd not depending on anyone fr dat. all d best in yr exams boo :*


  2. Haa!!! Finally people that agrees with me on the fact that sleeping is an Art and its a masterpiece 🙂
    P.S just discovered your blog and I really commend your work especially on thrift shopping not always do you come across a blog where someone is proud what they buy in small places.. Good Job


  3. I am happy I am not the only one that loves sleeping , sleep just makes everything easy .. Your orange gown tho 😍.. Thumbs up to family 👍 .. Doing what you love doing is happiness fulfilled. Good luck to you in your exams..


  4. I love sleeping. I also read novels, eat, listen to music and talk to my sister whenever I feel sad. One of them is sure to work. Lol. Love your blog.


  5. I love sleeping too. I also read a novel, eat, talk to my sister or listen to music. One is sure to make me feel better. I love your blog.


  6. I love this post. I have definitely learnt that happiness is a conscious decision. Like, I can literally be somewhere sulking and just snap out of it like, girrrl wyd you’re amazing, be happy. Haha! It really is a decision. Like you, blogging makes me happy too, so cheers to being a happy bunny!

    And oh, just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. Keep shining!


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