What's In My Friend's Makeup Bag.

                    Hi dear,

As you might already know I’ve been writing exams these past weeks and that has been taking my time as expected but my last paper was on Monday and the next on Thursday so I decided to write you a little ‘something something’ (you can tell I’ve been watching Makeupshayla on YouTube yeah? She is awesome!)

In today’s post I’d be taking you on a mini tour through my friends makeup collection. My friend Nike is someone who judging by the amount of products she has one will think she is a makeup artist because baby girl got tons of products so I had to narrow it down to her top 10 favorites and here are the products she picked…
1.sacha buttercup, setting powder, best setting powder

We all know how on fleek the baking process leaves your highlight and contour right? Well the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder is Nike’s go to product.

2.maybelline, nude eyeshadow pallete, nude makeup, how to get a nude eye look

9 outta 10 times you’d catch Nike rocking the nude makeup look and this eyeshadow palette by Maybelline is her most used palette (you can tell from the look of it right? lol) 


Beauty blenders can’t be rated enough, they work magic when it comes to blending especially when is soft and can absorb moisture it’s no wonder this beauty blender from IG : Nubanbeauty is in Nike’s list of favorites and it’s affordable too!! 

4.Gosh makeup, highlighter, how to get a glowing skin, best glow kit

We all want that glow, we just gotta get that glow and my friend is no exception. Of all her highlighters this one from Gosh cosmetics with the pearls in it is her favorite one.

5. 6. 7.Bobbin brown, fan brush, best foundation brush, elf brushes, best powder brush

Brushes are the makeup saviors, oh how effortless and stress free they have come to make makeup application. The Bobbi brown fan brush, Elf cosmetics small stripple brush and this unknown brand powder brush are in high rotation amongst her brush collection.

8. Been lashes, best natural faux lashes, human hair lashes

For that extra glam, she goes for the natural looking faux lashes and this particular one from Bee Lashes is her best yet.

9.Mac cosmetics, Mac fix+, setting spray, best finishing spray

To avoid looking all caked up, after her face beat she loves to spray on the Mac cosmetics  fix + setting spray to get her whole look together.

10. The last but not the list is the LA girl pro concealer. According to Nike, this is the makeup product of all makeup products, because it’s affordable, consistent and truly gives that HD look.

La girl pro concealer, best concealer in lagos, affordable concealer

Adenike is popularly referred to as Nikkiholmes, Holmes because she likes to think of herself as a detective and well sometimes I gotta give it to her. Going by this, if she says a product is her fav then best believe it’s because she has detected that it’s good stuff. So feel free to purchase any of these products when next you are makeup shopping. I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed going through her makeup collection, do enjoy the rest of your week.

          Till Next Time… xoxo

Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite beauty products? Do let me know by leaving a comment below thank you. 


15 thoughts on “What's In My Friend's Makeup Bag.

  1. The pro concealer is a must in every make up bag and the beauty blender also . Did you use your phone camera or a camera to take these pictures ?


  2. I love love your blog, Im an ardent reader but I wonder why I have never commented.Wow with your iPhone 5s? the photos look nice , please what’s the editing process you used ? I’m not a blogger but I want my pictures to look nice lol


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