The Downsides Of Being A First Timer At The LFDW

Bridget awosika, Nigerian fashion designers

It’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week (October 26 – 29) and I’m super duper excited about it, the long wait is over finally. This excitement had me reminiscing about my first time attending last year, so I decided to write about the downsides I experienced at my first fashion week ever in Nigeria.

1. Heavy Traffic 

This is quite a Lagos thing but because the Federal Palace & Casino Hotel which is the venue used is located just along the road and due to tons of cars going in and out of the venue, the traffic in that area is multiplied. So if you’re going to be coming in an UBER (which is actually the way to go) I’d advice you get there earlier than 6pm while workers are at work thereby beating the traffic. 

2. Not Enough Seats

I don’t like to work out (I’m lazy like that) and I classify standing for too long as workout so this was a major problem for me. I got there late most of the time as I was writing exams then (thank God I’m not this year) and on all occasions all the seats were usually taken and I had to stand till someone sitting around me leaves their seat to go home. On one occasion i mistakenly stepped on some babe and she rained insults on me in French (I didn’t quite understand what she was saying but I just guessed they were abusive words due to her facial expressions). On this note best believe I’d be there on time this year and you should too. 

3. Going Alone

Desirée Iyama and I

You might be going with the mindset of connecting with other creative minds but trust me most of the time in that kind of environment all you’d be able to get out of them is a hi with a huge smile and maybe a hug too because everyone is trying to meet one person or the other or do one thing or the other. I’d advice you go with a friend(s) so you’d have people to share laughs, jokes and opinions about the runway shows with, that will make your experience more fun and memorable. 

4. Making A Fashion Statement

Bridget Awosika, fashion show, LFDW, fashion week
Bridget Awosika 2015

I’ve heard cases of people saying some fashion bloggers ain’t all that because they probably expect you to come wearing new clothes, thick camel coats (like they’ve forgotten this is Lagos),10 inches heels etc. Yes it’s cool to have your expectations but hey I’d pick the comfort I feel wearing a tshirt and a pair of jeans over being featured on bellanaija (no shade intended).

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new creative pieces our awesome Nigerian designers are going to be showcasing but more especially I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement in the manner and organization of the whole event. Do have a splendid week ahead. 

              Till next time… xoxo

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PS : I’d be posting quite often this week, I hope you don’t mind?

Will you be attending the LFDW for the first time? If it’s not your first time, you can tell me all about your experience by leaving a comment below thanks.


24 thoughts on “The Downsides Of Being A First Timer At The LFDW

  1. These are lovely tips. I wish I’d coming for Lfdw will be in Lagos at that time but I might be too busy to attend, might come in quickly for a streetstyle thing. Btw we/I need you to dress up for streetstyle o, really looking forward to your looks and you can be super comfy too, most of my fav street look features one-inch heels and sneakers.


  2. First timer + going alone too, besides I think am gonna be an intern not sure but I hope so….wish to meet u there
    PS; I visit ur blog everyday cos I love it and u inspire me a lot!!!


  3. You’re soo right! Having someone to go with is key, and that’s the thing that is discouraging me but i must still experience atleast one day of the show. Thanks for the tips!


  4. I was a first timer and I actually went with a friend. I was so pissed that the event started really late because got there around past 6 hoping the show would have begun. It wasn’t really fun for me because I had to leave for home because it was getting really late and it’s just weird going with so much expectation and then begin disappointed later on. It was nice to see you tho..even though it was quite dark


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