Happy hump day awesome!

I hope your week is going on well just like mine is? I’ve been stressed lately but little good things happen here and there that totally gets my mind off the stress. After a long day at work yesterday, I got home to a very beautiful shoe from my mom and I felt brand new. I’m going to be sharing with you why this shoe is special to me in today’s post so read on…


I’ve been craving these lace up shoes since forever and owning one finally feels awesome especially in the bomb colour mine is in. 

My mom got the shoe from one of her customers (my mom owns a salon and this leaves people concluding that’s why I’m vain), the woman got it for herself and it didn’t fit so she told my mom who thought her daughter will slay in it and decided to buy it. The shocking thing is she gave it away for 1,500 naira only which I think is a MAJOR STEAL!!! 


I’ve been on the one shoe every month challenge since January 2016 and that has been going great (if you want me to show you all the shoes I collected this year at the end of the year just leave a comment below) but I thought I wasn’t going to get any in November because this economic recession has a young lady cutting on her spendings but look at me now, November shoe checked off my list! 
Dress to kill, lace up, orange shoe, styleAnd last but not the least this shoe is special to me because my mommy bought it for me. It’s her birthday this month and I don’t know what to get her, so I’d love for you reading this to leave me a suggestion (TBH this is the major reason I wrote the post hahaha) thank you. I’m looking forward to creative and thoughtful gift ideas from you, enjoy the rest of your week.

              Till next time… xoxo.

What have you added to your wardrobe lately? If you were a mom what gift would you like on your birthday? I’m looking forward to your replys.



  1. Awwww! this is so cute. Moms are the bestest!.. I love that its a nude color and would go with pretty much anything. As for gift ideas you could treat her to a day at the spa, owning a salon is kinda stressful and im sure she would appreciate some pampering and TLC. Then maybe a real comfy maxi gown she could change into whenever she gets home from work.


  2. D shoes z beautiful 😍 d colour, d strapes 😍 wow u get a new shoe evry month? U better do a post on dat o plsssssssss. It all depends on what ur mum lyks, if she’s in for beauty products u can just get her dat or a beautiful fabric, necklaces too, it all just depends on what u know she likes, good luck with dat. I’m all in for getting at least one new thing evry month, my sister started it but i tot she was crazy until i realized ders dis joy dat comes with getting sumfin for urself, well I’m making an outfit for myself dis month nd I’m super excited about dat


    1. Some months I got more than one lol I’d definitely do it for you. My mum loves fashion a whole lot and has too many fabrics already so maybe the necklace will work. Treating yourself is the perfect way to stay sane trust me


  3. Awww, I love the shoes and that really is a beautiful colour, Your mum is so thoughtful. And yes I will definitely love a recap on all the shoes this year.


  4. First off, i want your mom. Those shoes are gorg! About the gift thingy, it totally depends on what she’s into. One trick that works for me with this gift thing is buying what they really won’t think of getting for themselves but they absolutely need. Goodluck with the present and a happy birthday to Mama Ifeoma in advance.


  5. The colour of the show is just something else
    I also want to be a proud owner of lace up shoes. I love them. I tthink you should get momsy those glasses then.


  6. Love the shoes.. I got a lace up shoe as a gift some months back in pink but I wish they were flats. A girl can’t be struggling with heels all the time you know.. What worked for me one time was giving my mum the money I wanted to use to buy her a gift.. It was just 5k but she really appreciated it because she’s awesome lol. And it’s hard to shop for her tbh lol


    1. I totally get that struggle!! Someone bought me shoes too and I wish I could wear them everyday but I can’t because heels. Hmm giving her the money might just be the best option right now


  7. To think I was about Sending you a DM on Twitter to ask how you would rock a flat lace up shoe and you posted this.. Lol
    I have the same shoe in black. It’s so beautiful.
    Happy birthday to your mum in advance. I think it’s best you take her shopping.
    I think you know what to do


  8. Totally love the shoe and it being lace up 👌. I think i want to increase my jean collection, I don’t wear jeans to work but of late I have been craving jeans in all shapes and cut. Birthday gift for mom, you can get a portrait of you both or just her. I like memorable lasting items, or you take her out a treat just you both. Please do a shoe collection post.


  9. Lovely lovely shoes… How I wish I could get new shoes every month too lol!

    Maybe a wristwatch for your mom.. Gold, silver or rose gold. That should work ☺️


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