It’s finally the month of being merry and I’m super excited because I believe a lot of good stuff would be coming my way since they say it’s a month of good tidings. I decided to start the month with a kind of round of what I’ve been up to the last month as I’ve been on holiday, so currently I am…

Wearing : Lots of black and this is quite weird because I never thought I’d catch the black is the new black fever. I guess this is because I’m trying to build a capsule wardrobe and my choice of colors includes black.

Admiring : All the black girl bosses out there ranging from yourstrulyyinka, t2pitchy, DesiréeIyama, Honey , PatriciaBright, beautyrevolutionstudio to every single black woman out there making her own paper as I hope someday when I’m done with Uni I’d join the gang. 

Naomi Campbell

Wishing : I could go on vacation before school resumes even if it’s just for a weekend.


Determined to : Always stick to my schedule as we round up the year and stop procrastinating so I can get stuff ticked off my to-do list for the 2016 before December 31st.

Craving : Sharwama…

Excited to : See Santa jk. I’m really just excited it’s Christmas and all the merriment that comes with this period of the year. 

Feeling : Very fulfilled. I was able to achieve a lot of the things I planned to this year, although I still have a couple more things to tick off my to-do list before the year runs out.

Anticipating : The going back to Uni and meeting my new roommates. I’d need you to pray for me that my roommates are going to be people I can live in peace with thank you.

Happy about : The new projects I’m working on, watch this space!!

Appreciating : God for the gift of life. A lot of people made January 2016 but aren’t here today, so I’m glad I’m still alive and very thankful.

Irritated by : People that leave their homes without wearing deodorant. Like I know colognes are pricey and all but I’ve come across body sprays that are less than a thousand naira and would last the whole month, so common guys one thousand naira to smell nice isn’t any bad. You can shop for very affordable scents here and get 10% discount when you apply my discount code ‘TSF10

Inspired by : Everything and everyone around me. Right now I’m gushing with ideas and so much positivity that has only been made possible because I’m a very active passenger on the positive vibes train. On this note I’d say be sure to associate yourself with things and people that are on the same journey as you, that way you’d be able to stay idea packed and achieve a whole lot.

Planning to : Build a new everyday makeup collection, so if you know any good products be sure to recommend them to me in the comment section (bear in mind that I’ve super oily skin).

Loving : The Christmas card my awesome true love sent me all the way from Ireland which I think is very thoughtful of her. Good friends are rare and I’m glad I copped me one of those rare species. 

Regretting : Not having breakfast this morning and I’m typing this with hunger hitting me left, right and center which is quite unusual because I’m never this hungry.

Unsure about : Whether to get a domain or just keep using my free WordPress site. 

Reading : The only thing I want to read Rn is Toke Makinwa’s book!!!

Listening to : Nothing in particular, I’m still yet to find new music to be addicted to. 

That’s it for this months taking stock section, I hope you have an amazing month and don’t give up yet, keep working keep pushing 2016 is still that year.

        Till next time… Cheers.

What plans do you have for the end of the year? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thank you 


34 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM…

  1. I really want to read Toke’s book. Honestly I’m just happy it’s almost time for Christmas. I am also praying for good roommates my former roomies were lit


  2. You should definitely read Toke’s Book, it’s amazing! My plan for the end of the year is to get a job, it’s really annoying just staying at home😧 Yes to associating yourself with Positivity. Great Post.


  3. The roommates bit, I really do pray you get good people to live it. Having uncool roommates can be stressful. So much buzz about Toke’s book, now I really want to get it. Been loving black lately too. Your Insta feeds is goals by the way. Well done!


  4. Toke’s book is so on my wish list… Yay, hop aboard the Black Train, I hope you get dope roommates, cause the kinda roommates you get really affect your schooling experience and am talking from MY own experience


  5. Great post… Your posts are always so interesting and inspiring. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll get good roommates. Don’t mention shawarma in your posts cos now I’m craving it. Merry Christmas in advance


  6. But that toke makinwa’s book though.. A good read. I have the pdf if you want.
    You should definitely send me a dm if you decide to move to a .com I can help you create a minimal and responsive blog even better than mine and I have what will suite you ☺️☺️.

    I’m hoping to begin this currently I’m series from next year.. Lol I hope!!

    Do check out the latest posts on my blog


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