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Aren’t Saturday mornings just the best? Waking up and realizing you don’t have to rush off to work or school, even when you’re doing chores you can do them at a relaxed paced. One of the best things to do on Saturday is to treat yourself and nothing beats a good skincare treatment.

In today’s post I’d be sharing with you my first impressions on trying a sheet clay mask and a mud mask both from the ebonyandindigo natural skincare line. I’d be talking about both products in categories I feel are relevant…


Packing : Not really a fan of the packing of this product, I’d have preferred something fancier but I guess it’s because it comes in a one time use quantity that’s why its in this sachet.
Quantity : One sheet per sachet.

Key ingredients : Agile clay and baobab. 

Use : The clay on the sheet mask made handling the mask a little messy but once I got it well placed on my face it was just fine. It felt really cold on my face but I loved having the mask on and went around trying to scare my roommate with it (s/o to Ife).

Aftermath of sheet mask : I really didn’t notice any immediate difference as this is my first and only use of this product so far but I expect that on continuous usage, it will live up to hydrating your facial skin. 


Packing : Same thoughts as above.

Quantity : Enough to cover two faces as I got my sister to try this out with me. 

Key ingredients : Glacial mud, white tea and mint grass.

Use : In the case of the mud mask, I was already expecting the mess so I just went right into applying it all over my face. The mud mask was minty and had a peppery sensation on application but on drying that sensation went away.

Aftermath of mud mask : My pores felt a little bit tighter on rinsing it off but my sister didn’t notice any immediate result but I think that’s because I have larger pores than she does.

I absolutely loved trying out these products and some others  from the EbonyAndIndigo  natural skincare line, knowing they are all truly natural products I had no worries about breaking out or anything of that. So if you are looking for a natural skincare line to try out, you should definitely check them out. 
              Till next time… xoxo

Have you ever tried any of these kind of masks? How did it work for you? What brand of masks are your current favorites atm? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.



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