Frayed denim
Feels so good to say I’ve been blogging for one year now, yes WHOWHATFAB turned one yesterday and it was a day of letting myself feel proud of all I’ve been able to achieve through this little space on the Internet.I previously wrote a love letter to you and till now my feelings hasn’t changed but can we take a break from the emotional talk and talk about my favorite 2016 trends? 
What I’m Wearing : 
How to style a cami top

Shirt : Thrifted

Cami : Thrifted

Jeans : Thrifted (cut and frayed by me)

Shoes : Details here

Bag : HDHQGoods (IG)

Let’s me save you the stress of guessing what the trends are and just tell you right away. The following are the trends I loved the most in 2016…

Layering with a cami top 

How to style a white shirt

I’ve always loved layering but Lagos is too hot for that, so when wearing your cami top over your tees and shirts became trendy trust that I joined the bandwagon in full force and I’m not even sorry. This is one trend I’d still be wearing in 2017 and 2018 maybe.

Exaggerated Sleeves 

With 2016 came a lot of sleeves style, from bell sleeves to ruffled puffy sleeves but my favorite one is the exaggerated sleeves. Although this sleeve style can be a pain in the ass as it might get in the way of you opening and closing the door or trying to pick up your cutlery at the dinner table but I don’t mind all these because of the extra dose of fabulousity the extra length on the sleeves feeds me with. 

Frayed hem denim 

When I wrote it here at the beginning of the year telling you to get a pair of frayed hem denim for your 2016 wardrobe update I knew exactly what I was saying. This was the one trend to make your denim less boring in a subtle way and the best part about it is that you can easily ‘do it yourself‘. I must confess that I kinda regret fraying the hem of almost all my pair of jeans but it was totally worth it for style sake. 

2016 trends
                  THE GIVEAWAY 

Now I know this is the part some of you are here for, well if I were you I’d be too. I’m giving away a 

  • FASHPA cold-shoulder top (free size) and pants (medium) classic asymmetrical set 

  • and a _T.i.b.s inscription t-shirt (medium)

              To Enter Simply

  • Subscribe to my blog via email.
  • Follow me on Instagram  
  • Comment on this post telling me what you like or don’t like about this blog and include your email address.
  • More chances of winning if you follow _T.I.B.S and FASHPA on Instagram.

This giveaway closes on the 30th of December and the winner will be announced on the 1st of January 2017.

Thank you so much for all your continuous support and the love you show me, let’s do this again in 2017!!

                Till next time…

What are your favorite 2016 trends? Has this blog inspired or added value to you in anyway? Do leave me a comment below, thanks.


109 thoughts on “2016 IN A LOOK + A GIVEAWAY.

  1. I couldn’t enter for this giveaway initially because I just followed your blog but I am now proud to say that I have gone through all archives *raising shoulders* and what I love most, what has got me hooked is how relatable this blog is. I’m a Uni student like you with limited funds so seeing someone slaying on a budget and showing me how to no holds barred is so precious to me. You slay affordably. I’ve followed you on Instagram o in fact I nearly finished your 300 and something posts. I just told myself to chill. Let me now follow the others.
    Email: dinmaac@gmail.com


  2. I really like your blog because You are a lover of Mules like me nd i really do admire the way u obsess about shoes u can’t afford yet esp schutz(one day u will)i love the simplicity of ur blog u av everything from chicky to Diy and I admire your fashion sense. I dont like that you barely talk bout anything that makes unhappy !!! I am adamant follower of urs on ig tho.would be glad if i win dis would be glad to rock it on my birthday and I will be happy it’s coming from a lady i admire.stay blessed!


    1. Mules gang!! To be honest Tayo, I’m hardly ever unhappy. I do not have a perfect life but at the same time I’m always happy but one thing I’d infuse in this blog next year would be how people can join me on this happy mission.


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