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A very happy 2017 awesome!!!! Isn’t amazing how we are already in the 2nd day of the year? The year is definitely not waiting for no one so you should seize everyday by the horn and not let any good opportunity pass you by. 

Yes yes, I know I suck at this motivational talk thing so let’s just stick to talking about the outfit of today’s post okay? This look was inspired by the harmattan wind that hit Lagos on the 26th of December 2016. I absolutely love me some knitwear and decided to share my top tips to wearing a slouchy clothing piece and looking nothing like slouchy in it but rather look chic.

What I’m wearing : 


Knitwear : Thrifted

Skirt : Random store

Shoe : Ameliacouture


Tip one : If it’s just cold and not freezing, wear your knitwear as a blouse instead of over your blouse. That way it’s less bulky, making it easy for the chic in you to sip through.

Tip two : Opt for a wide neck one so you can show off some shoulder skin like I did to ooze a little sexiness.

Tip three : Because most times knitwear always tends to be on the bulkier side, it’s perfect to pair it with skinny jeans or a bodycon midi skirt like I did to show off your figure.

Bonus tip : Just like my girl MakeUpShayla (in my imaginations) will say STRUT & SLAY.


It’s so unfortunate that the harmattan went away too soon, I’d have posted this earlier but I was waiting for the perfect time and yet again the universe reminded me that there is no such thing as ‘perfect time’ if you want / need to do something, DO IT NOW!!
             Till next time… xoxo.

Word For The Day – “Our business in life is not to get a head of others, but to get ahead of ourselves, to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today” _ Stuart E Johnson.

Did you find these tips helpful? What did you think of this outfit? Do leave me a reply, thank you. 



  1. happy New year dear!!!! the harmattan did the same odd thing in PH ooo, came on the 26th and just left me sef am angry…. I love how you slayed in that sweater!!!


  2. Happy New Year! Looks like global warming is in session. Before I left Ilorin, it was super cold but when I got home for the holiday I was like where did the harmattan run too? Love this look. I’d say it’s the right time for it because I think the harmattan is coming back.



  3. I actually like slouchy!!!
    Your blog is beautiful and you even more so!
    I always like the idea of layering a sweater over a dress and I have this one annoying crop sweater that just doesn’t seem to fit right. And the neck isn’t large enough to turn it into a one shoulder top without whipping out my scissors!


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