Currently listening to the sound of moving vehicles as I’m on my way to Uni.


Whoop whoop! It’s the first Friday in 2017 and I’m super excited as I plan to have a fun yet productive weekend in a creative way and I can’t wait for the day to start unwinding. Speaking of creativity, in this post a lot of you asked for more DIY on this blog and as much as I write because it makes me happy, it would be pretty nice to carter to your needs from this blog as well. So no matter how irrelevant I think my DIY is I’d still post it as it might be relevant to someone reading…

I find fringe everything and anything absolutely beautiful, the fluidity has my heart and I’ve been craving a fringe clutch for the longest time. I finally got tired of waiting to thrift one so I decide to make one from materials I already own and I’m here to show you how I got it done. 

Materials Needed : 

* An old clutch (this came in an old tote bag that belongs to my mum)

* Yards of fringe (I got mine from a shirt I thrifted specifically for the fringe. You can find this at textile/tailoring supply stores)

* Pair of scissors 

* Needle & thread (be sure to use the bigger sized needle for easy penetration into the leather)

* Lighter or match box

What To Do : 

* Make sure your clutch is clean.

* Measure how many inches will cover your bag from one end to another.

* With your needle and thread, sew the length of fringe in place.

* You can make several layers depending on how many yards of fringe you have. My quantity was only enough to make two layers.

* After all the cutting and sewing, with the lighter or match stick burn the raw edges of the fringe to prevent it loosening.

* Go forth and slay with your new bag. 

Showed my mum the final result and she wanted her clutch back lol, I was pretty glad my family loved how it turned out and I can’t wait to properly style this purse with an outfit. I really do hope you like this DIY too as it is pretty easy and quick to do.

            Till next time… xoxo

Word of the day – “Only those who do nothing make no mistakes” _ French Proverb.

What plans do you have for the weekend? What do you think of this DIY, is this something you’d try? Do leave me a reply, looking forward to reading your thoughts.


35 thoughts on “DIY | FRINGE CLUTCH

  1. My plans for the weekend is to start packing my things for uni 😩
    Your new purse is beautiful, I might just make a fringe skirt for myself 💃🏻


  2. Well done girl would av tried but just got a fringe bucket bag you know what ?u inspired me to buy stuffs on thrift nd dey are really nice …I spend on a budget now


  3. Wow! It would never have crossed my mind to DIY Fringe. It turned out nice. As for plans for the weekend, still trying to soak in what’s left of the holiday before work starts on Monday. Happy new year!


    1. Well now I’ve brought it to not just your mind but eyes lol. I’m resuming school fully on Monday too and I’m not looking forward to it. An awesome year to you babe.


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