Currently listening to Justin Timberlake – Dress On. 

Welcome to the second week in this awesome year called 2017, so far I’m loving how the year is going and I hope it gets even better for us all as the days go by.

One quick question, have you ever considered wearing your skirt as a blouse? Well if you have but don’t know how it make it work, in today’s post I’d be showing you how to style your skirt as a blouse and sharing tips too.

What I’m wearing : 

Skirt/blouse : Miss H (thrifted)

White denim : Topshop (thrifted)

Shoe : Details here

Bag : DIY fringe details (thrifted)

Earring : DIY

Tip 1 : Flared mini skirts are the best when it comes to styling your skirt as a top. This skirt style gives the perfect illusion of a strapless blouse as they create enough room for our breasts to breathe. 

Tip 2 : Opt for structured and statement yet simple flared skirts to elevate your looking just plain to looking chic. Florals, strips or even something similar to mine with a belt that can be made into a bow are perfect options.

Tip 3 : When it comes to picking a bottom, a well tailored black pant goes with almost every top but I opted for white denim pants because not only do they have a similar texture to my skirt (top), I’m trying to stick with the 3 colors rule (will talk about this later). You can also pair this with your regular denim pants for a casual look or a long midi skirt. Note that the skirt option is due to my personal preference as when I tried it with a shorter length skirt I didn’t like the proportions of the silhouette it created, so you can try it with a short skirt and see how it works for you. 

Tip 4 : As usual, go forth and slay.

The key to having a great wardrobe isn’t how many designer pieces you own or how your wardrobe overflows, it’s really all about having functional pieces that you can create several looks with. Do have a great week.
               Till next time… xoxo

Word for the day : The only way to overcome your past is to focus on your future. 

Have you ever tried this? What do you think of this look and do you have any tip on styling a skirt as a top? Do let me know by leaving a comment, thanks. 



  1. I’m just here wondering where you always get this pieces from😭😭😍😍….I tried this top/skirt thing once and I thought I looked funny…but I’m sure with the tips you’ve given it’ll look much better.


  2. I’ve tried sumfin similar but it was a long, gathered skirt so i just wore it as a tube gown nd paired it with a jacket. Ur fashion philosophy z so true, it isn’t about d many clothes u v but about how many ways u can style dem 👍


  3. So much creativity in this post, and girrll you slayed too! I look forward to trying this someday…When I have the liver of course😝



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