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Am I the only one that has reservations when it comes to bodycon dresses but really love them at the same time? Just me? Oh I see you saying ‘me too’, don’t worry I’ve got a solution for us both.

I snagged this lovely bodycon dress off my friends wardrobe simply because when I tried it on I loved how good my derrière looked in it even tho I know I might never wear it out of my house as its not only the fact that it’s a body con dress that’s the problem but it’s a cami bodycon dress. Anyway I found the perfect way to style it that I’d still feel comfortable wearing it and that’s what today’s post is about.

What I’m wearing : 

Shirt : Thrifted

Dress : boohoo (friends wardrobe)

Shoe : river island 

Purse : gift 

Photography : yungkabiyesi (IG)

Like I said in this post, layering is one of my fav trends of all time, it’s amazing how the act of layering has given me a lot more styling options and now I’m wearing lots of things in my wardrobe. I’d never have worn this gorgeous dress for the world to see but wearing it over a shirt just saved the day, this made it look more sophisticated and as conservative as I love to look.

When it come to fashion never say never, you just have to look for ways to make it work for you. So if you’re like me and you’re running away from adding beautiful pieces to your wardrobe because you feel they are not conservative enough, just remember that you can throw it over a simple black shirt or white shirt and viola you’re ready to hit the road and turn heads!! 

         Till next time… xoxo
Word for today : “Accept no limits” _ saw this in the shirt of my lecturer.


31 thoughts on “OUTFIT | THE BODYCON DRESS

  1. This outfit is super cute! And yes your not the only one who has double mind concerning body cons. I love that you paired yours with a shirt.🙌💕



  2. Dis z so true, never say never when it comes to fashion, just style it to ur own taste. I v my own reservations too when it comes to bodycon so i don’t v any but i usually love how it looks when i see ladies wear it. I’ve bin wanting to try dis exact layering, maybe i shud just get a dress with tiny straps too


  3. I love everything about this outfit the gold bracelet and purse and the complimenting flower shades on the cami just blends the black shirt perfectly 👌🏾. I do run from bodycon because of the whole show it gives but I think I’m down to try this . Thanks b


  4. I also got a body con dress while thrifting in December,even though I’ve reservations about the show the dress brings..although mine isn’t a cami atleast I know now not to run away from one when I see it…..You look gorgeous Ifeoma!!!


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