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Guess who finally has an LBD??? Me!!! I have a couple of black dresses but I’ve never found an LBD (little black dress) which fashionistas say is a wardrobe essential that suits me perfectly and I’m totally inlove with like I am with the one I’m wearing in today’s post.

What I’m wearing :

Dress : Fashpa  

Shoe : Gift from Mr A

Glasses : Street vendor 

Earrings : DIY

I’m particularly inlove with this black dress because it’s not body clingy (if you’ve read this post and this one you’d know why this made me happy with the dress), it’s made of really comfy fabric.

What really sold this dress to me is the fact that it’s a cold shoulder dress which gives it that flirty look and allows for some air because as you all know (or just knowing) black absorbs heat and that is definitely not something you need living in an already heated up place like Lagos, Nigeria. So if you live in a hot region like me, a cold shoulder LBD should be your go to because it will leave you looking chic and there is still room for air.

Bonus : This FASHPA dress and lots more will be on sale soon in a variety of colors so be sure to follow them on IG so you’d know when the sales begin and you know when I say ‘sales’ it’s really SALES!!!

Word for the day – “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission” _ Eleanor Roosevelt.
           Till next time… xoxo

Do you own an LBD? What’s your favorite style of dresses? Maxi, midi or mini? Let’s get the conversation going, do leave me a reply.


30 thoughts on “BASICS | THE LBD

  1. Ifeoma for president!!! I’ve been waiting for a new post and as usual, you delivered!!! I love the dress as usual. you are obsessed with those pom earrings aren’t you? they are sooo pretty!!!!!!

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