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Happy new month awesome!!!!!!!! I’m particularly happy about this month of February because it’s the month of love and if you look past the outer hard guy exterior I like to put on, I’m a huge sucker for love within. It’s my usual first post of the month where I give you a little insight on life as Ifeoma, so currently I am…

Wearing : My Levi 501 jeans that I thrifted sometime last month. It’s so comfy and what I love the most about it is how my derrière looks so good in it. I’m currently wearing it at the moment and I’ve been getting states all morning.

Admiring : All the bloggers that have been able to maintain a blog and still be consistent. In my previous Uni years my timetable was really flexible but this semester I have 8am – 6pm of classes every damn day and it’s really hard creating content with that kinda schedule but knowing that those women have it inspires me to keep at it. 

Wishing : I was done with Uni.

Determined To : Buy my own domain. I’m pretty sure y’all tired of having to type .wordpress when you want to visit my blog, trust me I’m tired too.

Craving : 3 rolls of Shawarma to be precise lol. I had a box of pizza and a large cup of icecream yesterday so all that’s left is the shawarma dripping yummyness. Oh and I want new weaves too (just being a girl).

Excited To : Share the new name of my blog that I finally came up with. I picked whowhatfab from a name generating app and I’ve not being content with it this past one year for a couple of reasons that I’d be sharing soon.

Anticipating : VALENTINES DAY!! I’m anticipating this for no special reason because it’s Valentine’s Day everyday for me but I’m really just looking forward to it. I’m open to being your valentine if you want, just ask me to send my wishlist over hehehehe.

Happy About : How I’ve been able to decide to always stay positive and it’s been keeping me very happy, GOOD VIBES ONLY.

Appreciating : The many blessings God keeps showering on me. Prayer works guys, the devil might try to make it seem like it doesn’t so you can stop praying and give him room to attack but it really does work. If you want something speak it into existence in prayers to your Heavenly Father and he’d surely respond. 

Irritated By : My always clapping course mates. A pen drops in class they’d clap, someone farts in class they’d clap, someone comes late they’d clap, it’s sickening to be honest.

Inspired By : The thoughts I’m not where I want to be yet.

Planning To : Get myself a damn journal for 2017. I’ve always collected journals but I started losing them and that has stopped me from getting one this year. Right now I’m tired of scribbling things down in my class notes or jotters so I think that’s my cue to get me a proper journal.

Loving : The bangs braids. I saw this hairstyle on southafrican media personality Nomalanga Shozi (realnomalanga on IG) and the way she rocked it perfectly made me fall deeply inlove with it that I almost cried when she announced the hair had to go. 

Regretting : All the unnecessary expenses I made last month which cost me I’m saving less than I plan to monthly but I’d definitely do better this year because ain’t no regrets only lessons learnt.

Unsure About : If to publish a Valentine’s Day lookbook as I’m not sure if you’d like that.

Reading : Study materials upon study materials. Life in the sciences isn’t exactly an easy one.

Listening to : Travis Scott’s GOOSEBUMPS. I relate with this song on a whole different level, if you haven’t heard it you absolutely should.

There you have it, I’m looking forward to an eventful new month filled with good tidings and peace of mind and I wish you the absolute same and more.

            Till next time… xoxo.

Word for the day – “The thought that you are not where you want to be should be enough motivation for you” 

What have you been up to lately? Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day too? Do share your thoughts and opinions with me by leaving a comment below, thanks


35 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | FEB'17

  1. always on the lookout for your Currently I Am Post. p. S did you notice that your IG Curating post seems to have been placed after your Tales From the Thrift? or is it just me? can’t wait to hear the new name!!!!!!!


  2. Why the new name, I actually like this but I’m sure it would be awesome so all good. I think the bangs braid is cool, blogger Vanessa Ohaha did for Slayfestival and it was cool. Lol at your classmates, you would soon be done just be blinking your eyes. I think you should do a lookbook, I have no date but I’d love to look pretty all the same. I’m off to download Travis Scott.


  3. Bang braids all the way. I actually cut my hair because I was tired but bang braids makes me wish I had braids to bang. Am totally looking forward to valentine’s day. Lol who wouldn’t even though am single but I have a lot planned this year. 14-02-2017 wouldn’t take me unawares


  4. D Lookbook pretty plssssss😘 wait ur classmates clap @ everything? Lol, I’m not getting d vals spirit o, maybe cos I’m just swamped with stuff 😭 prayer does work nd i av lots to baq dis up. Ders goin to b a name change on d blog? I’ve always wondered what brut about ut blog name


    1. Yes they do!!! Yes a rebranding and all that, I’ve seen lots of blogs that look like mine because I can’t personalize my blog at the moment. This name was just randomly selected.


    1. I’m all for the simple life and making a big deal out of the little I have. Really cool to see someone noticed that and I’m thankful to you for leaving a reply.


  5. This was a great read. I am definitely waiting on that new name. Where do you thrift shop by the way? really need some new pieces and I can’t recognize a thrift shop even if it smacks me on the face.


  6. I think I love you already. I just stumbled upon your IG handle and I currently live for your next post. I totally understand what you mean by been unsatisfied with your blog name because that where I am right now as well as buying a .com domain.

    I may have to ‘steal’ your ‘I am’ post (with credit to you so cof….errhm..of course I meant ), if you give me the permission to…

    Lastly… I love the new name… DRAPED IN BASICS

    WHEEW! That was a long write


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