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How to style a wrap dressFebruary asides being Black History Month is the month of love and one of the ways in which we humans have learnt to show love is through gifting. When it comes to gifting it doesn’t really matter how big or how small it is, it’s the gesture that counts and that’s why in today’s post I come dressed as a gift, wrapped in one of the finest wrap dresses I’ve come across.

What I’m Wearing : 

Dress : Fashpa 

Shoe : River Island

Jewelry : Thrifted

As an amazing gift that I am (and you are too) it’s only right that I’m clad or better still wrapped up in beautifully made garments and I think that’s what brought about my love for fashion. Well tailored wrap dresses like this Fashpa piece I have on in this post are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe because they have a delicate way of enhancing your features especially as the cinch the waist most of the time. 

How to live a purposeful lifeFASHPA.com, online fashion in Lagos, luxury brand in Lagos Finding purpose, gift ideas for Valentine's Day, self loveWrap dresses in Lagos, lagos fashion bloggerSeeing as I’m a gift to the world, I strongly believe God put me in this world of ours to solve a solution and that makes me feel very special. Since I’ve tapped into this level of understanding and also knowing that gifts are in most cases given for a purpose, I’ve loved myself, taken care of myself and handled my thoughts, words, actions the way a precious gift is treated and that has helped me live a beautiful and purposeful life so far. I encourage you today to believe that you are on this earth for a purpose, you might have not figured it out yet but you being here isn’t a mistake and from this day onwards let’s live life pursuing God’s perfect purpose for our lives. Do have an amazing and purposeful new week ahead. 

             Till next time… xoxo.

What’s your take on wrap dresses? Any tips on discovering life’s purpose? Do leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


15 thoughts on “OUTFIT | WRAPPED IN PURPOSE 

  1. girlllllllll!!! I love this look!!! and also love the concept too, we have to look at ourselves as gifts, because we truly are such!!!! the greatest love is loving yourself and understanding that you are beautiful and well sculptured being made by God ‘S hands!!!!

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  2. This wrap dress is so lovely… I especially love the print! Speaking on purpose, that was my pastor ‘s message yesterday! To live a purposeful life/A life of fulfillment, you need to first KNOW WHO YOU ARE as well as GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE… I would be sharing more lessons on my blog about living a purposeful life…. Lovely post! 😉


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