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                  RED VELVET
I can’t help but imagine due to the title of this post how the amount of Red Velvet cakes that will be consumed tomorrow especially here in Lagos, Nigeria as that seems to be everyone’s favorite flavor when it comes to cakes. Unlike yesterday’s post where there was no red allowed, today’s post is VELIOUS with a pop of red.What I’m Wearing : 

Shirt – Boyfriend’s wardrobe

Velvet top – Thrifted

Skirt – Thrifted

Shoe – A gift 

Purse – Random buy

Total outfit cost minus the shoe and purse – 300naira.

When I spotted this velvet blouse where it was hanging pretty while I was thrift shopping I actually danced from where I was standing to it and it cost just 200naira which is an obvious steal. Velvet is in season right now and you can’t deny how it oozes sexy very effortlessly. I hardly wear a mini skirt but because I’ve paired the Velvet top in its dark red beauty (haters will call it maroon lol) over a white shirt to make it pop some more I decided to show a little skin and my teeny weeny black skirt came in handy. 

Valentine’s Day being a work/school day this year (this sucks) a lot of us might need to go to our dates straight from work/school and I feel this look is perfect because all you’d have to do is swap the mini skirt for a pair of trousers or a more day time appropriate skirt and when it’s time for your date , you switch into the mini and add some more lipstick. 

        Till next time… xoxo.

What’s your take on this look? Have you got any plans for tomorrow? Looking forward to reading your reply, do leave a comment below, thanks.



  1. good God, iFeoma you wanna give me a heart attack?? this look is so lit and you were right , we weren’t ready for you to swoop in like this and kill us with Slay. BTW happy Valentine’s Day


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