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If there is one question I get asked the most as regards blogging it has to be the ‘how do you edit your pictures?‘ question. I’ve written a post before on how I do that here but as you might already know people are sometimes too reluctant to read and would rather just ask me over a direct message. I really try to reply all questions and comments but it gets really tiring answering the same questions all over again after even taking out time to write a detailed description here. Anyway I’ve decided to share this post again to refresh the memory of the awesome people that read the previous one and to enlighten the new readers that missed it.I used to use a lot of apps as when I started blogging last year the face of my phone camera which I use to take my flatlays was broken so I did a lot of editing to fix the photo quality but since I replaced my phone (I got another iPhone 5s instead of upgrading because I think iPhone 6 camera sucks) I barely need a lot of editing anymore so here are the apps I use now : 

VSCO CAM : I use this app to add filters to my photos and sharpen it. I like vsco filters because the look really natural after being applied especially how you can play with the intensity of the filters. Also when I comes to sharpening photos, this is one app I trust to make my photos sharper without making it grainy or making it look overly edited. 

FACETUNE : This is the wonder app. I’m currently on the ‘white themed’ Instagram feed wagon and this app has been helpful in making the background in my photos whiter and more white. I play around with other options in this app like the ‘details’ option to make certain details in my photo pop and so on.

Here is how the process goes :

* First I take an almost perfect flatlay (If it’s not perfect keep snapping away).

* Import to vsco cam, I use filters in the A and S series interchangeably depending on the Lightning effect of the particular picture. 

* On vsco cam, I sharpen the photo most times to just the first level on the sharpening scale as I always make sure the images I take are very sharp.

* After these, I import the photo to facetune where I use the whitening option to whiten my background and the details tool to add some extra sharpness to details in the photo I want to stand out.

* There you have it, four easy steps to how I get my picture perfect.

The key to having a good photo isn’t really in the editing but in taking the actual image that is going to be edited, so on this note look forward to my tips on taking the perfect flatlay soon on this space. You can also refer to my previous How I Edit My Photos post as that contains details on useful apps you just might be needing.

PS : I’m not answering anymore questions on how I edit my photos after today, y’all ask me new questions.
               Till next time… xoxo.

What are your favorite editing tools? Was this post helpful? Do leave me a comment below, thanks.


49 thoughts on “UPDATED | HOW I EDIT MY PHOTOS 

  1. you are a major lifesaver girl!!! I use snapseed and vsco. I haven’t really gotten a hang on the vsco app yet but I def love snapseed for selective editing and stuff. I will download the Facetune app, and report back. lol. well since you have answered this question, it’s now time for blogging tips question #hint Lols. don’t mind me, but im gonna bother you with blogging questions next



  2. Lol. I can relate with the plenty questions, anyways I do not agree that the 5s camera is better than 6. I’ve used both, and I think the 6 is better. All my blog pictures were taken with them.
    Ps. You have a nice feed,I’m not really a white wash feed fan but girl you gooooooddddd 🙌🏽🙌🏽
    PPs. You should totally check out my photography page @onography all pictures there were taken with the iPhone 6



    1. The quality of the 6 isn’t bad, you can take really great pictures with it but girl try this out, apply highlighter and take a selfie with a 6 then take a selfie with a 5s come back and tell me which photo had your highlighter popping the most. I’d check it out


  3. Facetune is the magic 😢😢😢…. Tried a white theme.. Couldn’t maintain it.. Shame facetune is missing on Android….. Kindly check my IG feed @the.mechi


  4. I suspected you used those two apps. I love the vsco app. Its a life saver. Unfortunately when I wanted to get the facetune app (android version) I was unable to purchase it. My bank (gtb) said it was not available for purchase in Nigeria. That really broke my heart.

    Thanks for sharing.



  5. Hello Ifeoma. I love the Vsco app so much. Your photos look great too. I’ve been going through your blog and I must say, I just love how much you love fashion. I go through Yaba a lot but I don’t ever see these items, and at such prices! It’s amazing really. I’d love to go shopping with really soon. Or you could just direct me. Thank you!


  6. I recently started blogging and I’ve been struggling with editing my pics. This is so helpful. You’re a lifesaver ❤


  7. Heyy! Your blog is awesome and VERY COLOURFUL. I just started my career in photography and it has been a struggle to get the best App for editing and this post has made that easier. Anyway, my brother introduced me to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC of recent and it has been magical for pictures. Finally, keep doing you. looking forward to seeing more interesting post from you in 2018 😉


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