Currently listening to my co-worker talking about the worst exam.

I absolutely enjoy not only writing on this blog but also reading it too. I don’t only read my blog though, I stay searching for bloggers whose blogs my creative mind can feast on and I was super glad when I discovered Fashionenth. She is hella fashionably chic and today’s DIY was inspired by her Dorothy Perkins patchwork jeans.

What You’d Need : * A pair of jeans

* A piece of denim in a different shade (I used half a quarter of a yard approximately)

* Pair of scissors

* Sewing machine 

What You’d Need To Do :

* Note the areas you’d covered by your different shade of denim fabric
* Cut out two equal pieces large enough to cover measured area.

* With your sewing machine, sew it into place (I advice you seek help from your neighborhood seamstress to get a neat look if you’ve not handles a sewing machine before).

* Put on that jeans and strut, strut, strut, slayyyyyyyyy.

I was super impressed with how this turned out I couldn’t help paying the seamstress more than she requested because she took my instructions well and after I deconstructed this denim she reconstructed it back to perfection. Now I have my own patchwork denim without having to spend £28 which is what the Dorothy Perkins one costs. I’m sure you can tell both my wardrobe and wallet are very happy right now.

Totally unrelated : If you’ve been reading this blog you’d know I love Sade of inmysundaybest and today I surprisingly got featured on her blog, you can checkout her post here.

          Till next time… xoxo

What’s your take on the deconstruction and reconstruction trend? Will you try this DIY? Do let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, thanks.


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