I barely had time to go thrifting this month as I hardly left the four walls of my Uni but because I promised myself to try and be more consistent with the Tales from the thrift post this month I’m just going to be sharing with you my favorites of the little I managed to thrift this month. But first let’s check out…


These brushes and lashes from ‘SITPRETTY‘ cosmetics really isn’t a splurge as they were gifted to me, I’m adding them in this post because I’m super hyped about them. I was planning on getting makeup brushes to help my makeup ministry and the blogging gods decided to bless me with these essential brushes and some dope lashes too. Will be trying them on soon and doing a review to let you know if they are a ‘gotta have it‘ or ‘trash it‘.

My journal is the best thing I’ve bought this year. I’ve been looking a dope journal all year, yeah yeah I know there are a lot of those for sell online but let’s just say I’m still one of those who haven’t fully accepted shopping online, I only do so when I know shopping online is my only chance at a particular item. I’m super glad I made that trip to the bookshop in my Uni and if you follow me on IG you must have seen the gorgeous pages on my instastory (you see why you need to be following me? lol


You must have seen this velvet blouse on my Instagram feed or featured in this post, I’m still in awe at how I found such an amazing piece for just two hundred naira. The colour, the texture, the embroidery are all in season, I’d definitely be styling it over and over all year long.

I got me a couple of shorts, as a child I loved wearing shorts but in growing up I developed insecurities (will talk about this soon and how I’m gradually breaking that bondage) and stopped wearing them but thanks to the thrift for offering me dope high waisted denim shorts for just 100 bucks I couldn’t help but fall inlove with wearing shorts (currently wearing one). 

These pieces of jewelry aren’t thrifted but they were pretty inexpensive that’s why they are featured in this section. I noticed that I don’t accessorize enough in my outfit post so I decided to start stocking up on jewelry and my first purchases are these rings and my gorgeous statement earring.

Now can we talk about my most expensive thrifted piece? Yes? Alright let’s do this!! I’ve found a couple of Polo Ralph Lauren but no one had me screaming like this one did, this jumper right here is everything and more, from the multiple colours to the feel of it and again it’s f****** PRL!!! I never thought a day will come that I’d spend two thousand naira on one piece while thrift shopping but I did that and I don’t regret it.

That’s all on this months episode of Tales From The Thrift, I can’t wait to see what the thrift will bless me with next month and ofcourse I’d be sharing my finds with you. Do enjoy the rest of your month and like my journal says “make the most everyday”.

         Till Next Time… xoxo.

Word for the day : “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Do you own any journal for the year? What is your favorite buy this year so far and where did you get it? 


24 thoughts on “TALES FROM THE THRIFT | FEB'17

  1. U make me jealous gurl, u make thrifting so fun, m currently in lagos nd i hope to get some fine ass thrifted pieces when i go to yaba, just pray d gods of thrift finds follow me dat day. Love d rings 😍


  2. Thrift finds are always a good feeling! One time, I got a dress on sales from Zara for 17.99 and a week later, l saw same dress for 7.99 ! Of course I took it back(on my next trip into the city) since I was lucky enough to keep the tag!
    I find Zara clothings to be very stylish but the prices are no fun so I wait for good old sales!
    Have a great week ahead!


  3. O.M.G!!!!
    Lemme start with how delightful your blog is, i just discovered it and Im in love already. It’s entertaining, beautiful and so creative. Tbh this is the 1st blog I’m following, and im not just saying this because I’d love to go thrifting with you but because this blog is Amazeballs.
    That said, please, I beg you, take me thrifting, biko, ejor, 😭


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