Currently listening to students chattering in the Lab 

I was going through my drafts and realized there are a lot of topics I want to write about but somehow I’ve totally forgotten about them, thank goodness that I took note of them now I feel good about the content for this lirru blog of mine for next month. One of the drafts I found is this one featuring this gorgeous ensemble shot in one of my favorite locations. 

What I’m Wearing :

How to style wide legged pants, blush tonesTop – Fashpa

Pants – Fashpa

This month the topic for reflection in my newly acquired journal is LOVE and I decided to share my two cents on what I think about love over these photos because the flowers, the soft blush hue of my pants, the bold yet delicate black of my blouse are some of the few things that I associate with love.

Some people like to say that LOVE isn’t enough but I strongly disagree with that. Love goes past the tingly feeling in your chest when you see the one/things you supposedly love, it’s way deeper than that and I feel that’s where people miss it.

LOVE is more than enough in my opinion, if you love like God has instructed us to love you’d agree with. Love is kind, love is tender, love is protective, love is caring, love forgives, love bears no grudge, love isn’t abusive, love isn’t violent, love makes sacrifices, love is trustworthy and in return love trusts etc, isn’t that all we want and more?

LOVE doesn’t give up easily, just like how much I love the off shoulder trend and I’m certain even if it goes out of trend I might still hold on dearly to it like our grandparents with no teeth still manage to kiss eachother (ewww IKR).

LOVE is life, and just like life isn’t a bed of roses so is love isn’t a bed of roses. One person I can say I love the most in this world is my sister (my only sibling), I love her so much I’m ever ready to give up my life for her to live and be happy but guess what? She is the one that annoys me the most!!! Sometimes it feels like she pulls out my nerves, lays them on the ground and starts to catwalk all over it but does that stop me from being very compassionate and loving towards her? NO!!

LOVE is one of the most beautiful things that God gave to us, if only we’d love ourselves so we can love our neighbors the way we love ourselves without any form of selfishness or greed, the world will be way better than it is right now.

One of the ways in which you can easily show love to the people around you is by showing kindness. Holding the door for the next person, giving to those in need as much as you can, helping that handicapped student in your Uni walk to class, never letting your friends wear bad outfits etc and be very intentional about it. By doing this you’re adding value to lives and also to your life and I’ve learnt that one of the most effective way to being successful is by intentional wanting to add value to a thing or to people. 

         Till next month… xoxo.

Word For The Day : “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else” _ Booker T. Washington

What does love mean to you? Do you think love is not enough? And in what way do you show people you love them? Let’s discuss, leave me a comment below thanks.



  1. you have no idea how much I love that location!!!! like its totally goals!!!!! and your outfit 🔥 🔥 🔥!!! I hear you on the sister bit!!! because my own younger sister seems to have made It her life goal to annoy me, yet I love her to the ends of the earth and back!!!!



  2. Fashpa really does have amazing pieces and you really nailed this look. And I second your opinion. If we love the right way, it will definitely be enough.



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