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This wasn’t today’s planned post but I wore my green card as a citizen of the Adire Nation and I just had to share. I’m totally not into prints especially African prints because I find them too busy to fit into my personal style but right now I’m a citizen of the Adire Nation and it today’s post id be sharing with you how and why I decided to be a part of that nation. 

What I’m wearing

Dress : Adire Nation

Shoes : Anne Michelle 

Accessories : Topshop

Hair : Nappyhairedwigs

When the founder of the Adire Nation brand sent me a mail as regards a collaboration I was outrightly going to say no because I’d not agree to wear something that’s not me because it’s free but I went on to check his brand’s page and I kinda liked what he was doing with the Adire so I gave him a listening ear, picked a dress style I felt was safe and here I am today totally INLOVE with my Adire Nation shift dress. 
I’m happy he decided to make the dress in this print as its rich yet not too bright (as that’s why I run away from African prints), the cut, the fit and feel of the dress is so amazing and I was totally happy wearing it and I’d wear it over and over, recommend it to everyone because even though it’s not thrifted as usual it’s really AFFORDABLE and good quality for your money.In a conversation I had with the founder, he said he started the brand not just because of the money but because he is trying to keep the ‘preserve’ the Yoruba culture as Adire was originated in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria whose people are known as the yourubas. That gave me a wake up call to pay more attention to my own homeland and its culture because I hardly know anything about my culture or even cared so much about it till I heard a fellow young Nigerian like myself taking a step in preserving his which I believe is a thing each and every one of us as young people should indulge in because at the end of the day that’s our heritage, our history, our roots and it totally deserves to be payed attention to.

            Till next time…xoxo.

What’s your take on African prints and what do you think of my dress? Do leave me a reply, thanks. 



  1. African prints say a lot about how creative we are and can be, from the texture to the patterns to the creativity! Wearing our own is one of the easiest ways to embrace and put our culture in people’s faces. The print is simple and lovely….looks good on you too.


  2. This dress is 🔥 👌
    I can officially say I’m currently addicted to your blog. I check your blog everyday, new or old posts. I just read.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. you look soo good ❤❤ and your pictures are so editorial this year, so lovely! I should come and take posing lessons from you btw 😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. After reading all the comments, i’m happy no one said or read my mind.
    Biko, send me shoes, wig and gown.
    Kuku send me your entire woredrobe. Chimoo, your smile is signatory, add it to the package. Add your photographer too, buh don’t worry, I’ll promise to send him back after 6months.
    The first pic is bomb tho


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