Currently listening to Davido – If I’ve been so busy lately and I realized today that I only published one post last week which is below my 3 posts a week plan and that had me feeling kinda inconsistent but I quickly snapped right out of it because sometimes you just gotta let life take its course. So in today’s post I’d be sharing with you how I’ve managed to stay consistent in one year three months of running this blog.Constantly Read And Seek Inspiration 

This is my ultimate tip, there are already bloggers that interest me and have started blogging for years that I’m constantly on their blog seeking inspiration and learning more about this blogging thing. Read magazines relating to your blogging field whether online or in prints I promise you will have never running of creative juice. There is something to talk about everywhere, inspiration is just around you, all you gotta do is keep your eyes wide open.

Plan And Take Notes As Soon As Possible

Check dates, know when it’s Easter, when it’s independence and plan what you want to write about on those days, generally note significant days on the calendar and make plans. If an idea pops in your head, take note of the blog post title and if time permits start building the body of the post so you don’t forget and find yourself caught in a rut.

Shoot In Bulk

Whether I’m shooting outfits or flatlays I always do so in bulk, that way you won’t run out of content. When I’m meeting up with photographers, thanks to planning ahead like the previous point stated I already know what outfits I want to share on my blog for the month. If you follow this blog you’d realize I put up outfit posts once every week which means four outfit posts a month but when I go to shoot I go with over six outfits so incase I don’t get a photographer soon I still have spill over outfit posts to publish. 

Have A Realistic Schedule 

I post 3 times a week on my blog and I do so in sections, one outfit post on Mondays, one beauty or review related post on Wednesdays and one lifestyle or DIY post on Fridays. I chose this schedule because it’s something I can easily pull off, if I had decided to publish more outfit posts that would have been unrealistic for me because I don’t have a camera and can’t afford to pay one to be on stand at the moment. Having a schedule also helps you know what post you’re going to be working on next instead of being confused and end up not publishing anything.

What I Wore :

Shirt – Thrifted (M&S)

Skirt – Thrifted

Arm candy – Vogue magazine 

I hope with these few points I’ve been able to share the little I know about staying consistent and I hope this was a helpful post. Do have an awesome week.
P.S : Check out my handwritten closing note below (yeah that’s my handwriting)

How do you stay consistent at your craft? Was this post any helpful? Do leave a comment below, thanks.



  1. Great tips! As an obsessed planner, I have all these tips on check, apart from ”shoot in bulk” because my blog isn’t a fashion blog. Constant reading of online material and print materials has actually helped my writing and now, I know the type of writer that I am.

    Ugh! I can’t wait for my website to be fully done and start blogging again… I feel… feel… empty!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ifeoma, you are just incredible. And your blog is in such a great space! Definitely what I am striving towards. Clean, cut and personalized. Love your work. Looking forward to seeing more!

    But yes – would have to agree – 1 post a week is totally not enough! I wannnnt more! LOL.


  3. These tips are really helpful. I always put everything down in my journal so I can plan ahead. Shooting in bulk is too key also. This blogging thing has actually thought me how to hoard photos don’t just post immediately you shoot. All in all planning is the key to consistency.


    1. Sometimes they reach out to me and other times I reach out to them. Somehow after shooting the photographers and I still maintain a good relationship so whenever I need them they are always willing


  4. M not even a blogger but dis post was super helpful about how to be organized nd all. Dis isn’t even a outfit post but u killed it with d shirt nd skirt, so simple yet so chic 😍


  5. I have been very inconsistent with my blog, caught up in “bloggers block”. Reading this has given me insight on what I need to do to get out of that. I love your blog by the way. Do keep up the good work.

    Tlego… xx


  6. Guess I’m the only male in the room lol. Nice tips tho, reading, relaxing and listening to music and people in fact almost everything gives me inspiration. Maybe because my niche is more of a diary sort of, I post at least once a day.

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  7. I love this so much! I just returned to WordPress after trying to search for greener pastures on Blogger! I hope I can take your tips on board and apply them in order to have a blog at least HALF as amazing as yours! I adore your blog, try not to feel too bad when you get those blocks. As long as your content stays the same high quality it is then we’ll continue to love you.. well, I will anyway! Quality over quantity! Life happens!


  8. Hi, this is really awesome and I’ve got lots of ideas flowing in…. all thanks to this Igbo Chic here. Thanks Ify. Bravo!!!


  9. Nice post. I learnt a lot but still thinking of how to balance all this with school work. Its really not easy but thanks anyway and I love love your outfit. Simple and elegant. I would totally rock that


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