Currently listening to : As usual it’s at the end of this post *winks*.

Happy second quarter of 2017!! Isn’t it awks how my last post is how to stay consistent at blogging but look at me publishing this post after over 2 weeks of not posting on here, sighs. I think I should just not attempt to give any excuses but rather just dive right into today’s post which is my usual monthly roundup post where I let you in on a couple of things I’ve been about and if you are a new reader, perfect timing because this post will give you a little insight about the girl behind this blog. 

So currently I am...

Wearing : Colored stripes. Stripes has got to be my all time favorite print (my mum once threatened to burn anymore striped pieces I got) but I only used to do white and black or white and blue stripes so it seemed like I was wearing the same piece of clothing. Long story short, thank goodness for these Fashpa pieces now I can wear my favorite print, look very fun without looking any basic.

Admiring : Lady Gaga. I’ve always admired her since her poker face days, when I created my Facebook account I remember her photo being my profile photo and till today I’m still a lil monster. She is so amazing, hardworking, kind and boy she cleans up so nice which is how I really want to be.

Photocredit : Twitter

Wishing : We as humans will take the commandment ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ very important someday soon because a lot of this heartening things have happened around the world in the past week. May all the gentle souls of the children killed by the chemical attack in Syria rest peacefully.

Determined To : Sleep earlier and to stop ignoring my bedtime alarm.

Craving : Shawarma from Barcelos. The first time I had the round bread with minced meat filling they disrespectfully call shawarma in Barcelos I was pretty angry but why I’m craving it now I don’t understand, all I know is I want it.

Excited to : Attend the gtbank food and drink event for the first time, hopefully my lazy ass doesn’t stop me from going because I’m the queen of being excited about an outing and on that day all I want to do is just lay in bed dozing off with my phone in my hand.

Anticipating : End of my exams this semester because I’ve got a whole lot lined up to do especially taking a trip to anywhere somewhere. (I need recommendations guys, doesn’t have to be so fancy and could be in Lagos too, just somewhere fun and serene)

Photocredit : dazhpneleah

Happy about : How I’ve been absent from this space for a while but on checking my stats yesterday, it doesn’t even seem like I haven’t had a new post up in a while because the numbers didn’t change. This actually is what motivated me to find time to write this and publish it today, I’m really thankful to everyone that stopped by.

Appreciating : New bonds and how life has been going for me in general. It’s not even near being all rosy but I believe I’m at a shape up stage in my life and I appreciate all the experiences and lessons.

Irritated by : By how people stay trying to put a person down just because they are more privileged. 

Inspired by : My eyes tbh and how it somehow manages to see beauty in everything and almost anything.

Planning to : I’m honestly, truly and sincerely tired of planning!!! Right now I just want EXECUTION.

Loving : To be updated when I’m very certain…

Regretting : Nothing. In situations I don’t like, instead of regrets I just learn lessons and keep moving, life is too precious to spend time regretting anything.

Unsure about : So many things and I’m just out here praying for God’s divine direction.

Reading : You already guessed it, my school books because exams are upon me (wish me luck).

Listening to : Work it out by Tye Tribett. Stumbled on this song via @nnescorner on twitter and since then I haven’t been able to stop listening. If you like trap music but love God more at the same time then this is the song you need on your playlist.

That’s basically what’s going on in my not so interesting life right now, really can’t wait for exams to be over so I can get my life together and keep sharing content on this blog of mine that makes me happy. Do have an amazing new month lovelies, don’t forget to stay coming back to this space and leaving genuine comments, I absolutely appreciate it all.
Word for the day : ‘LET GO AND LET GOD’.

How has 2017 been for you so far? If you were asked to pick a vacation destination anywhere in the world where will it be? Looking forward to your replies, thanks for reading.


31 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | APRIL'17

  1. Good luck on your papers!! Nd I love your skirt in the picture. Lol at your mom😂😂 I’m also one to get excited about an outing nd cancel last minute, try nd go for both of us. Abeg🙏 enjoyed reading this post.



  2. Good luck in your exams. And on letting God take over…that’s the right path. Talking on Gtbank event…you should go…its usually very interesting with lots of food and drinks…hahaha…food is just my escape…you can’t blame me. Make sure you kick your ass on that day. 2017 has been a year of learning…life after school is serious mehn. Like I want to start something for myself and make history, I want to make my money and just be happy. If I could choose a place in the world, I’ll pick Paris. Have a lovely day, I enjoyed this blog post. You can have a sneak of my blog


  3. You sounded a whole lot like me, I had travelled all the way from Port Harcourt just last month to attend the Heineken LFDW × Red door gallery then I ended up seeing a movie instead (imagine) btw I love your top 😙😙


  4. I sent you a mail. I’m also attending the GTB food and drink…. at least I plan to. We could be food buddies..


  5. All the best in your exams, Ifeoma. I love your Fashpa dress, fits you really well. Favourite vacay spot is Barbados. Will love to visit there this year 🙏 and 2017 has been great so far.


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