Can’t believe I’ve been away for one whole long month (dusts cobwebs away) and this wasn’t an intentional decision but life just happened. It’s happened that time didn’t allow for my photographer turned friend Seun to be able to meet up and I also had exams, so I just didn’t bother as I’d rather wait till I can put out quality content than one that’s mediocre just for the sake of being consistent.Today’s post will be a mix of an inspirational post and loads of headshots as my new photographer Kella got carried away snapping my face and I wasn’t any surprised because the first time we met, the first words she said to me were ‘you look very pretty and nice, can I take a picture of you?’.

What I’m Wearing : 

Blazer – Thrifted (N100)

Pants – Forever 21 (gift)

Embellished shoe – DIY

Have you ever ruled out something even without trying it just because people make a fuss of it? Well this is how I ruled out the color pink and thought I’d never buy clothes in pink with my money but look at me today, I actually reach out to every pink item I find. Pink is such a pretty color I can’t help but wonder why I even thought not liking it in the first place was a good idea. The sad part is that is how many of us live our lives, we just see or hear something and then decide not to give it trial.

Personally from my little pink experience I’ve learnt that to be able to experience the fullness of life, you shouldn’t outrightly say never to things as long as its not hazardous to your life, health or a block on your road to salvation then GIVE IT A TRY!! 

Just imagine me going through life and not knowing that I look so pretty in pink, like every shades of pink looks amazing on me Life is too short and exciting to have a list of ‘nevers’, so I’m urging you today to go through your list of never evers and give everything on it a trial at least if it doesn’t go well you’d know you gave it a trial.

Word For The Day : “Never say never in fashion because in a few years you’d be wearing never”_ Coco Chanel.

What are does things you’ve said never to but willing to try? What do you think of the color pink on me? I’ve missed reading your comments, do be sure to leave one.


36 thoughts on “NEVER SAY NEVER IN PINK

  1. stop right there! did you say 100 Naira, and I thought I knew how to thrift shop, all hail the queen. lol, I’m glad you are back as I really missed reading new posts from you, you are such an inspiration. now to this outfit I love love love it, and pink looks really great on you and I can relate to discovering that I love things I love hated. nice post as usual.

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  2. You look great. When I saw N100, I chuckled. I’ve been lucky to find great but cheap items before too. I’m new to your blog and loving it because I adore thrift shopping. Keep It up!


  3. No way 😮 u got dat blazer for 100h? 😮 just start a thrift store already 😫 Pink z for you, m drooling ryt nao cos d blazer z really beautiful i bet it’s cos of s colour 😍


  4. Arghhh, love! I’m not a fan of pink just because my friend is a living black Barbie and she wears pink to the moon everytime plus I’m more in love with rare colors, but I might just give pink a major trial, how did you get that blazer for 100naira tho!


  5. You look… FABULOUS. And to think you got that for a 100naira? Wow! Pink looks great on you. My favourite mantra… Never Say Never. Can’t wait to see stuff you got for 50naira.


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