Yeah I know right, another striped situation again!! But you really can’t blame me, as stripes are my way of wearing basic things but not appearing or looking basic. I thrifted this dress with hope of wearing it as a top but that was me overestimating my height because as you can see it turned out to be that perfect mini dress.

What I’m Wearing :

Striped dress, Zara dress

Dress : Thrifted (N50)

Mule : Thrifted

Purse : Thrifted

Like I mentioned in this post stripes are totally trendy right now and I’m loving every bit of it. One quick tip to looking effortlessly stylish is by adding subtle details to a simple outfit like the one I have on. Details like a pair of sunglasses are a no brainers when it comes to elevating a casual look.

Writing this post has me considering giving buying stripes a break, I know it might be hard but I’m willing to start giving other patterns a trial. Do have an amazing new week and explore other things outside your comfort zone too.
Word For The Day : ‘Forget all you think you know, only then will you start to live life’ 

Where would you wear this dress to? What’s your favorite fashion accessory?


23 thoughts on “FUN DRESS MONDAY

  1. Lol. I’m actually a silent subscriber. Been reading your posts since last year and this is the first time I’d comment. I totally love this look but seriously, #50???


    1. Yassssssssss glad you finally left a comment!!! Yes babe I got it for 50bucks, actually got 7items from that particular lucky day and I’d mention each one of them. This is the second item of 7 and I’m looking forward to more comments from you.


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