DrapedInbasics.com, new blog, whowhatfab, how to start a fashion blogMy major challenge when it came to owning my own website was the part of choosing a name for it. I didn’t want to keep up with my previous name as if you’ve been following my blogging journey you’d know ‘whowhatfab‘ was just a name I got from a name generating site and I didn’t want to use my name as many suggested either but right now I’m the happiest girl in the world as I’ve been able to come up with a name that truly represents me and my love for simplicity when it comes to fashion.Here are a few things about Draped In Basics I’d like you to know:

SHARING : If you like a post so much (I hope I’m able to create such good content) and want your friends to read it too, simply click any of the social media icons to INSTANTLY share it.

SHOPPING LINKS : Although most of my clothes are gotten from thrift stores, I’d try my best possible to include shopping links to similar pieces at very low prices so we can all be fashion twinnies. 

SHOP MY CLOSET : From time to time I’d update this section of DRAPED IN BASICS with items I’d like to sell from my closet at the lowest prices you can’t even begin to imagine right now. If you want to be the first to know when there is a new item in the shop, hurry and subscribe to my newsletter, you definitely won’t regret it.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE : This I’d be curating personally to help you get inspired by similar posts and also to help you discover new tales about basic stuff I’m loving.

I’m really happy I’ve finally gotten to this stage but I’d never have accomplished this without the help of the amazing people at STYLVO, my friends, you my amazing blog reader and especially my photographer Seun. I’d definitely be adding a whole lot of other new features and continuously working on this website to make it an enjoyable journey for us all.

Love always…

DrapedInbasics.com, new blog, whowhatfab, how to start a fashion blogWhat do you think of my new name and blog theme? What kind of post would you like to see in this new phase? Do leave a comment, thanks.



  1. Amazing! This is so inspiring. Congratulations on taking a new step on your blogging journey. Love your new name and new layout too.


  2. Welldone i think it looks amazing and I feel like the name definitely represents your style as well. It’s very easy to also navigate so it’s a Yes from me ma’am 💯💙. I would love to see more amazing content (as you’ve been doing anyways 😀😀)


  3. Wow…..

    I currently don’t have what to say because I am still struggling with the thought that I won’t see whowhatfab on my browser again……

    But I guess there isn’t much difference.
    It’s the same blogger…….so it’s the same inspiration we got on whowhatfab that’s going to be seen here too.
    Congrats Ifeoma on this New journey.



  4. Ok!!! This is what I’m here for Ifeoma. You’re steady inspiring me to up my game and I appreciate you for that. The new name is amazing and I hope I can come up with something great too when I decide to own my website. Congrats baby girl!!!


  5. I’ll definitely miss Who What Fab – I think that’s an amazing thing that a name generator came up with that, and look what you did with it! Well, you can only continue to grow and glow from here. Can’t wait for the ‘shop my look’ and also sales from your wardrobe!


  6. The theme is absolutely lovely, the name 👌👌👌 just wondering how you cane up with it, the new content is lovely 💛💛💛💛. So happy to still be on the blogging journey with you😚😚😚


  7. It’s a welcome change as we all hope to better at what we do and as people! I love the name. I want to see more thrifts and collaborations, OOTD(esp for occasions), manicures too. Can’t wait for to buy some of your stuff too


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