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Thanks to Instagram algorithm a lot of bloggers and online personalities have been pressed about growing their online presence on Instagram so as to stay visible and the ‘POD’ became the order of the day.  A pod is a group of people coming together for the main purpose of liking and leaving comments on eachothers pictures which is intended at helping them grow their Instagram reach and engagement but guess what? Instagram has caught me with that too and personally I’d rather have no comments on my post than comments that are left just because the people who left them are obligated to. In today’s I’d be sharing with you how I’ve maintained continuous growth on my own Instagram page…

Firstly I’d recommend you just forget about growing the numbers and focus on posting content or pictures just because it’s fun and you enjoy it, you know like how Instagram used to be before bloggers took over it and trust me you will notice continuous genuine growth.

Go on your explore page and like as many pictures as possible, not just any picture though but pictures you really think are cool. If you see something nice about the photo you can leave a comment too. That way you’re increasing your visibility

Post consistently at least once a day and only put out content you truly like because great content is what leaving people clicking, double tapping and even have others repost your image which leads to more visibility of your Instagram page. Related Post : How to curate a good Instagram feed.

If you notice someone new liking your photos or follow you, go to their own profile and like their pictures too and even leave comments, that will make them keep interacting with your photos which will result in a wider reach.

A call to action on IG is a way to ‘force’ people to leave comments. A call to action is simply asking questions or making a request related that particular post you’re putting up for your followers to answer. Add that as often as possible and reply comments too.

Bonus tip : Use your Instagram insights to learn the kind of Instagram content your audience likes and dish out more of that because brands are most likely to care about the reach of your content than how many followers you have.

It’s been a week since my I put up this post and I had 8,710 Instagram followers and that has increased by a 100 in work week which might be small to some but this just goes to show these tips work for me. I hope I’ve been able to share the little I know in a way that is understandable? Do enjoy the rest of your week and don’t stop working towards your goals.

Love always,

Did you find this post any helpful? Have you got more tips? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.



  1. Thanks, girl! These tips are really helpful. I plan to launch my blog soon, but I still struggle with inconsistency and maintaining a particular theme for my IG page. It might be because I spend too much time deciding which picture to upload, and then I end up not uploading any. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    1. Awwwn girl, you don’t even need a theme as long as your content is great you’re good to go. Having a theme sure those help with consistency as it gives you an idea of the kind of pictures to post


  2. I love your humility and stress free life. Love how you take things easy and you don’t strive for fame, we really need more people like you on instagram so everyone blossoms at their own rate.

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  3. I started following your instagram page just last year when Onyii made a post regarding the photography/videography class and I must admit I loved the aesthetics of your Instagram feed and today is my first time on your blog.

    This post is superrr insightful and beautifully written. I hope to act on point 1,2,3 & 5!!

    Thanks for this helpful tips and keep curating !!


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