I want to start this post by apologizing for using the word haul as there are barely enough pieces to spell the word haul in this post (ok maybe there are) as lately my wardrobe has turned into a junk yard and I’ve made a personal decision to not just shop because it’s cute and inexpensive but because I really need it.I’ve quite a couple of these but these are my favorite ones (maybe because I just got them) from August…

ONE SHOULDER TIE BLOUSE One shoulder blouse, one shoulder dress, one shoulder trend, trends of 2017, 2017 in trends, must have fall trendWhat’s not to love about this?!!! It’s stripped and very on trend with the one shoulder it’s got. Almost all my favorite fashion bloggers own a blouse like this and I’ve been wanting one since forever till I stumbled on it while thrift shopping one Wednesday at yaba market, Lagos but didn’t get it as it was selling for ₦600 but guess who found it again on Thursday at half the price?! Meeeeeeeeeeee

GINGHAM MAXI DRESS Gingham, gingham dress, bow detailed dress, trends of 2017, wardrobe must have, style, gingham trend Well it’s no news that gingham is the print of 2017 and ofcourse your girl needs a piece in her wardrobe. I got a blue and white one earlier but the black & white print is the one after my heart and I’m so glad I got this dress yesterday for a hot price of ₦200, just peep that cute bow detailing. Loved it so much at first sight that I didn’t bother to check if it will fit but thank God it did.

LOOP DETAILED PANTS Thrift haul, basics thrift haul, loop detailed pants, pleated pants, brown pants, comfortable pants, designer dupe pantsMy pleats obsession was awakened by this chocolatey goodness of a pant and it came with the loop detail I’ve been eyeing for a long long time now. I got this for ₦500 and I don’t want my money back.

CHLOE INSPIRED BAG Chloe, Chloe bag, Chloe loop bag, Chloe inspired bag, Chloe bag dupe, designer dupe bagI really do not need to talk too much about why I got this one as I’m certain you have a Chloe bag with the chain and loop on your wishlist or already own one. Being on a budget I obviously can’t afford a Chloe bag yet* but I could afford this one costing just ₦500 and ofcourse I got it. I might be needing a can of gold spray as the gold detailing is a little faded but that won’t even stop me from carrying it everywhere.

GLASSES Cat eye glasses, dior inspired glasses, dior, dior glasses, prescription glasses, affordable glasses, asos glassesI’m a little obsessed with glasses and I’m not even trying to curb my obsession. I found these at a warehouse and I could have gotten more if not for my sister who was in a haste to leave and at that time I’d only just checked these two properly for faults. I got both of them for ₦1000 which is an amazing steal because just look how pretty they both are!!!

​That’s it from last month, I plan to do a try on video on my instastory tomorrow (or should I just get on YouTube) to show how these look on me and a lot more items I didn’t photograph, so you better follow me if you haven’t already. I’m also going to be adding items to my shop (finallyyyyyyyyyyyy) this weekend so subscribe to this blog to receive updates on this first! I can’t wait to see what the thrift gods have in store for me this new month and on this note, I wish you an amazing and blessed September!!

Love always…

What’s your favorite item from this haul? What fashion piece do you own more of? Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. These look so good especially the purse can’t believe you got them at that price. Do you know where to get really cute inexpensive jeans? because I need to buy a couple and am still discovering Lagos.


  2. Young Lady!!
    What happened girl?Just found out about this blog today and am speechless…
    What’s going on?
    Been waiting for a new post on whowhatfab for like forever.


  3. Lol…I’m not usually this dramatic oh. I really don’t know why I was that pained. Anyway I’m done reading all the new contents you’ve made. Waiting patiently for more. Xx
    P.S:Great job you’re doing here.


  4. Definitely loved the gingham maxi dress. I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind answering them. 1) What camera do you use? 2) How did you create your video clip? 3) How do you edit your content on your blog? Thank you in advance.


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