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I love things that come in boxes, although I’m not one who is a makeup junkie I was super excited at this beautiful black box of lipsticks my newly discovered Nigerian beauty brand JAXX COSMETICS sent to me and in today’s post I’d be unboxing it and swatching it with you.


The packaging of the lipsticks is top notch!!! I’ve not tried a lot of Nigerian beauty brands but of the few I’ve seen this is the best. I looked around for errors and imperfections because I couldn’t believe a Nigerian beauty brand could pull this off and there was none.

Rating : 10/10


​I got six different shades that are absolutely beautiful and very wearable. There are a lot more other shades for those that like to experiment but since I’m into very subtle makeup, these are just perfect.

Rating : 10/10


​The lipsticks come with an applicator (as usual) not the softest but they do get the of applying the liquid lipsticks done. I swatched them on my hand, one coat at a time and I love the fact that on each swatch the colors got bolder which means the color intensity is build-able. So you can wear one coat during the day and add more layers for a bolder night look.

Rating : 9/10


At a price point of 2,500naira, I think this a great bargain for all the above qualities of this lipstick. If you wear one or two coats on each use, this is most likely to last for over three months.

Rating : 8/10

               GENERAL REVIEW 

I had the swatches on my hand overnight and when I woke up this morning they were still intact. I tried on ‘SEKY’ which is my favorite shade as it’s a very similar shade to the Mac Cosmetics ‘RIRI WOO‘, I drink with it and it was still intact with no cracks. I only noticed it transferring while I ate bread and akara which I think is as a result of the oil from the akara. 


From the generosity of my heart and to appreciate you for sticking with me on this blogging journey, I’d be giving away ‘KIKI’ and ‘FKO’ to one amazing person.

  1. You must be following me and @jaxx_cosmetics on Instagram.
  2. You must be subscribed to this blog.
  3. In a comment tell me your favorite tip on how to make your lipstick last longer from this list and what day & time I published my first post on (the closest guessed time wins).
  4. Don’t forget to include your email address and Instagram handle so I can check that you followed the above rules and contact you too.

This giveaway ends on the 12th of September, 2017 and winner will be contacted via email. On this note I wish you fruitfulness on the remaining days of this week.

Love always…

What’s your favorite shade? Which Nigerian beauty brands can be found in your makeup purse? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.



  1. I remember seeing this on your Insta Story, The packaging is so cute and for that price, it’s pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing the lipsticks!
    My favorite tip from the Jaxx tips has to be Tip 2 – ‘Do not smack the lips together. Due to the ultra-matte formula, smacking or pressing the lips together is discouraged’
    This is because I’m so used to smacking my lips after applying lipstick and I would definitely make a conscious effort to stop now.
    You published the first post on Draped in Basics on August 23 at 12:16 am.
    IG- @subomisalami


  2. Hey.
    I love the 2nd, 5th and 6th tips because I usually smack my lips, eat any type of food including fried yam, stew, fried plantain and many oily foods and I don’t usually drink water much after lipsticks before I feel they will wash away but now I know better.
    You published your first post on October 3, 2016 by 6am.
    My email address is
    and my instagram handle is @eneleogah


  3. Tip 2 – By lining my lips with a lip liner for a more precise look. I’m gonna avoid smacking of my lips after applying lipsticks because I tend to do that alot. Also gonna avoid applying Vaseline or anything glossy in order to make my lipstick last.
    Your first post on draped in basics was published August 23 at 9 AM
    ogunsanmihalima@yahoo. com
    @leemamvh -IG


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