Looking at the pictures in this post just had me thinking about my insecurities, I almost didn’t want to post them but seeing as this post is in collaboration with TANCOUTURE, a Nigerian fashion brand that caters for the everyday woman and it’s really not fault of this gorgeous dress that I keep getting fat even without eating, I’ve decided to take the ’10 insecurities tag‘ from Instagram and share them the things I’m insecure about here with you exclusively. Dress : TANCOUTURE | Shoe : DIY inspired by MissEnocha (IG) | Purse : Gift | Lipstick : Seky by Jaxxcosmetics (enter my giveaway here)

1. They say I’m a fine wine, I wasn’t the best looking as a child but as I’m getting older I’m getting finer hence I’m really insecure about being called pretty or beautiful as it’s not something I’m used to. 

2. I’m the shyest person you’d ever come across, I actually really dislike talking.

3. Last time I was ever slim was when I was 3years old and I really want to lose some weight.

4. My butt. Being as shy as I am, I don’t know how to handle the attention it draws my way.

5. I have very large facial pores and freckles. I really hope some day I feel good about this but till then who knows any good product that’d help me?

6. Thank goodness big lips are now cool but I’m still clueless about how to make my lips look as cute as the ones I see on the internet.

7. My boobs have never been big, how I have stretch marks on them I’m still yet to figure it out.

8. I’m such a lover girl and I’m really insecure about it because I don’t want to seem weak.

9. I can’t exactly describe the shape of my head but I feel I look awkward in any side part hairstyle and you bet I was feeling hella insecure while this pictures were taken.

10. My biggest insecurity has to being very thick, most of my friends say it’s from eating too much fufu but I’m not trading my fufu with anything else, NEVER!!

While I’m on the road to being as confident as Rihanna, these are a few things I battle with on the inside and thankfully I’m getting over most of them. I’ve learnt that there is beauty in imperfections and that has helped change my views on the things listed above. Today I’m my own crush and loving everything about me while I keep working daily to be the best version of myself.

On a brighter note, I absolutely love the color of this beautiful dress and how it looks on my skin, permit me to say mustard was made for black girls. This dress earned me my First unsolicited compliment from my baby sis turned twin, she said I look elegant in it and that’s all thanks to TANCOUTURE. If you ever find yourself needing an affordable ready to wear piece, then you know where to go!

Love always…

Do you have insecurities too? Mind sharing then with me? Will you wear such bright colored dress? Do sharea your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. This is a lovely dress and you look absolutely delightful in it, Sunflower! *wink*
    On being a lover girl, love with the full force of who you are. Not everybody will want it, need it or even receive it and that’s fine! The people who will accept it and receive it, however, will be forever grateful that they ever met you!
    Love and Light,
    Viv AF.


  2. Yo mann…you are most definitely one of the strongest women i admire and look up to…..but girl don’t even get me started on the issue of stretch marks*lol*
    Ps….mustard is most definitely made for black girls cuz you look banging in it….


  3. This color sits well on you. lol it’s funny how I also never considered myself fine, still don’t anyway. I don’t think I have a talent and I think that’s one of my greatest insecurities. Inspiring post!


  4. I totally agree that mustard was made for black girls.
    I think you are soooooo pretty. I can email you “you’re beautiful” every day to make you believe it.
    I wish my butt drew attention… the only thing it draws is the elastic on my panties
    Just be careful with your heart
    My head is massive
    I love you…


  5. I know what a few extra Kg’s can do to your confidence because I am currently battling with body shaming not from anyone but from my very own self.
    The weight is just gathering up and everyday I shy from doing my blog shoots because I just don’t want to see my flaws.

    I would have to deal with it sooner or later because it’s really limiting me.

    Girl I don’t know how you do your aesthetics But who else noticed that danger keep out sign matched with your dress.
    You look good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d just really advise that you do not let anything limit you and if you don’t like it, you can change it, we can be workout buddies because I need motivation myself.
      I wanted the danger sign in these photos so bad, I’m glad it impressed you.


  6. I love this dress on you. Feels like liquid gold. My insecurities would be my not flat belly and no much curves. My mum and younger sis are very curvy and I have to be looking at them everyday. Painful!! And people would be like “ah Chelsea where did your shape go?”


  7. Our insecurities make us stronger. Work them like nobody’s business and continue to shine like the gold you are. Speaking of gold, this look is amazing. I really feel most of these really beautiful colours were made to compliment the black skin. Amazing post as always.



  8. Hey Ifeoma,
    I totally am with you on point 8!
    I know you have gotten this a million and a half times, but you truly are beautiful, no joke, no internet scammery.
    Mustard seemed like such an awkward colour, but I think I will begin to embrace it.
    I totally feel your weigth issue, even though mine is on the other side, I have been trying to gain weight since I was lirrle, still no luck. I am beginning to embrace myself, flaws and all, just as you are.


  9. Wow! We share a lot of insecurities though I’m out here trying to gain weight while you want to lose some, the Irony of Life! I believe the key is accepting ourselves for who we are and being comfortable in our own skin. I’ve learned to filter what society sets as standards and pick the positive aspects. We’ll all be perfect in due time when God says so.
    A girl’s gotta have her fufu eh? 😉 😀


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