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I’m super excited today, it’s been a whole month (actually it’s a month tomorrow) since I published my first post on drapedinbasics.com and it’s pretty overwhelming. Having my own domain was one of my goals for this year and how it happened was a miracle but what’s even more exciting is how much love and I support I’ve gotten from you so far. To show my appreciation, I’d be sharing with you 15 interesting never been told before facts about me…1. My number one goal in life is to have a beautiful family and to be the best mom ever.

2. I love to argue.

3. Confrontations scare me even though I know communication is key.

4. My nickname is turkey yansh hence the reason I always deny having a nickname.

5. I’m a cry baby but surprisingly no movie has ever made me cry.

6. I have a huge crush on David Beckham because I think his butt is so cute!!!!

7. When I can’t sleep at night, I start trying on clothes and imagining I’m at a photoshoot even before I started blog.

8. I don’t really like to cook.

9. I have barely visible tribal marks on both sides of my cheeks (s/o to you mum)

10. I always say if I had longer not so thick legs I’d never wear bottoms (don’t judge me)

11. I’m not a morning person, I only even manage to be active at noon.

12. I have an imaginary dog named Buffy so if you ask me if I have a dog be sure you’d get a yes for an answer.

13. I really disliked my mom as a child because of all the constant scolding but now I’m super grateful to her for the home training.

14. I like quiet people especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

15. I always sneeze twice at a time.

So now guess who my best friend is? You!!! because I just shared with you some things a lot of people don’t know about me and I trust that you’d keep my secrets safe with you and never tease me about them too! I sincerely hope we continue to have an amazing friendship all the days of drapedinbasics.

Love always…

What do we have in common? Did you enjoy learning more about me? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.


32 thoughts on “15 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. happy one month anniversary? did I ever tell you, you are an inspiration? Anyways. a) I love cooking and I’m good at it but I like cooking when people are around though. b) I hate confrontations, I even run from people on social media ie whatsapp just so I won’t talk to them. c) I actually just sneezed rn lol d) I do that photoshoot thing too. I also practice my future interviews too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey best frenn,
    Thanks for sharing. I really like quiet people too and your number one is my number 1! Your nickname is pretty hilarious too.
    However, I love cooking and I just imagined you trying on clothes. I used to turn my clothes into a boutique and sell to imaginary customers when I was younger 😂.
    Continually do You boo, because its beautiful!! xx


  3. Omg no. 7 is so freaking me! Lol good to know I’m not alone in this crazy virtual world. This is the first post I’m reading and I’m loving the entire blog already. The aesthetic is also very nice. Big ups. I’m an aspiring blogger.


  4. You got me at no 8 honezly!! fun fact about me is that if i see a picture and someone has their tongues out, my tongue will immediately just copy the same pose… I cant control it. 😂 I also hate confrontation, like a lot🙌🙌

    Great post Ify



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