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If this was just another event, I wouldn’t probably have written about it, especially one that had a handful of bloggers in attendance because you would have must likely already read about this on their blog but the Bloggers Garden Party organized by CORNUCOPIA a handcrafted jewelry brand and put together by THEBLOGGERPOINT a Nigerian bloggers hub was a dream come true for me as I’ve always wanted to attend a cute garden party. I took loads of pictures and I just wanted to share them with you.

                        THE AMBIANCE The event was held in Ikeja Lagos, on entering the location I was blown away as it was everything I expected. The decorations and setting was well put together and the bloggers in their gorgeous outfits made the garden a very beautiful one.


The event was held to launch CORNUCOPIA‘s new jewelry collection but I got there quite late and missed the presentation. Luckily for me, there was still a mannequin with necklaces stacked on it and photos of some of the jewelry pieces that I could still take pictures of. Thinking of it now, I should have gone up to the store to get a proper feel of the jewelry but the garden was too pretty I wanted to savor every moment spent in it.

                        WHAT I WORE

Dress : Gift | Shoe : DIY | Purse : Thrifted | Glasses : MangoI was going to opt for something floral but my mum picked this orange dress I’ve abandoned and forgotten in my wardrobe last minute. I’m super glad she did because this dress is a stunner and the color looked very pretty in the midst of so much green. On this note always listen to your mom, they really do know best. My favorite part of my outfit is my shoe though as I DIY’ed them because gingham sandals are totally trendy right now. Want to see more easy peasy DIY’s? Click here.

                      MY GOODY BAG

Getting gift bags is my absolute favorite thing about attending events. In my gift bag from this event I got a beautiful blue nail polish, CORNUCOPIA earrings (my mom already took this as her reward for styling me) and a red velvet cupcake that’s in my belly lol.

It was such a lovely experience and I do hope more brands organize more events like this with bloggers being inclusive on the guest list. I hope this very orangey post has added some cheer and color to your day.

Love Always…

Have you ever attended a garden party? What do you think of my outfit? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



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