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Now I don’t know if to start the post with ‘Happy Independence’, ‘Happy New Month’ or ‘Happy New Week’ but I just want you to know you have all of my very best wishes no matter the occasion!! Anyway, still in the celebration spirit of Nigeria’s Independence, this post is an ODE to the city I call home, a city that I’ve lived in all my life and I’d be sharing my top ten facts about my amazing city LAGOS

                                               What I’m Wearing : 

img_1965-2Top – WesternZealots | Skirt – Thrifted | Shoe – ThriftySlayer | Purse – Thrifted | Earrings – Shop.Raenna

1. You are most likely reading this stuck in traffic as Lagos and heavy traffic go hand in hand.

2. To reduce the amount of time you spend in traffic just leave your car at home and ride in a Keke Napep aka Lagos fast ants like I love to call them.

3. Learning to speak Yoruba saves you a lot of stress and high blood pressure.

4. Top used slangs are ‘Waso’ which means the 50naira note and ‘Owa’ which you have to scream with your loudest pitched voice when you almost at your destination if you ride in a public commute so as to bring the bus to a halt.

5. All the best spots to relax and eat in are located in Victoria Island.

img_1966-26. Lagos is a no free internet zone and if you are in a place that says ‘free internet’, I bet you a plate of jollof rice that it wouldn’t work.

7. The police is not your friend, don’t be deceived.

8. Lagos is a city for hustlers, if you’re lazy you won’t survive it here.

9. The prices of items in the market are usually double, tripled or even quadrupled etc so to get good bargains you gotta divide every price you’re told by four (you see why mathematics is very important).

10. Last but not the least, LAGOS IS THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.

Still on the hustle matter, I love what the people at WesternZealots are the doing making very high quality T-shirts for the T-shirts lovers myself at a very affordable price. I particularly love the ‘Westernized Collection’ because it kinda defines where I’m from as Nigeria was colonized by the western people and also located in the west of Africa, I also live in Lagos which is located in the western part of Nigeria but not all these westernization has been able to make me compromise who I am as a person and the values that I stand for.

                           More T-shirt Styles (also available in black : )

(This post was in collaboration with WesternZealots but all words and opinions are entirely mine.)

Love always…

Where are you from and what’s your favorite fact about the city you live in? Do share your thoughts on this outfit with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. So true about the “Owa” I get anxious everytime when i hve to scream it out cus small voice wahala nd people stare at you…everytime😅 I love your pictures baby girl…nd Yesso Lagos is the best in Nigeria, that’s why people run here. The end

    Pls check out my post too and tell me what you think http://bit.ly/2xOPVN2


  2. Hahahaha see all the Western bars you spittin’ at the end! I’m a sucker for inscription tees and pleated skirts so this look totes has my heart. There’s FREE INTERNET at the University of Lagos nau and bikes are way better than napeps.


  3. Lmfao@waso……. It took me months to really understand what bus drivers meant by that because of my tribe. Btw, this is a very lovely write-up and I look forward to reading more…
    P. S: Your outfit was da bomb… I love, I love


  4. The ‘owa’ part I hate a lot..I most times leave it to my sister or gather all my strength and shout if I’m alone. I prefer buses and keke more than bikes also and now I wish I stayed closer to V.I. Beautiful and totally relatable post,love your pictures..what did you use to take them?


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