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I can’t wait till it’s December when it will finally be two years since I started blogging, maybe then I’d stop considering myself an amateur blogger and start seeing my blog a space other than my fashion diary. Despite being an amateur I’ve received several PR mails from big brands across the globe like Olay, boohoo, forever21, Estée Lauder etc just to mention a few and I’ve being opportune to work with some of them and more without ever pitching to any of them.In today’s post I’d be sharing with you my 5 tips on how I think I’ve been able to get these brands to notice me and work with me…

                  1. BE CONSISTENT 

I’m still a student as most of you might already know but I try my best to put out content on my blog every week, not just any content but good and relevant content. This just goes to show these brands that you’re dedicated and that’s already a plus for you.


One thing I always preach is originality, there is a very narrow line between being inspired and being a copycat. Every content you put out, you’d want to make sure it resonates with you and what you’re about. One thing you should keep in mind is spotting a copycat is very easy especially for PR folks, so instead of working with you, they’d rather someone who they know will come up with original content. Brands love individuality as that’s why they are collaborating with you in the first place because asides opening them up to a new market they also want to know your personal take and view on their brand.


Do your research!!! I spend several nights watching videos on how to better my instagram, how to promote sponsored content, how to start a blog (yes I still watch this incase I missed something) etc on YouTube. I also read several blogs, look at how they work with brands and take useful notes so even when I buy products from brands I review them how I’d do for a product sent to me. This gives brands an idea on what working with you will look like even before you start negotiating with them.

               4. READER ORIENTATION

When you’re putting out content, you should always consider your readers and your target market. Don’t put out content on beauty because you think it’s working for others meanwhile all your readers care about are your food recipes. This will make brands perceive you as a person without focus and wouldn’t want to associated with a ‘wannabe’. In as much as I like to write about the things that interest me, I also always consider if it’s something you’d want to read too.


Luckily for me, I’m more expressive when I write than when I speak so showing my true personality through my writing is quite easy for me. I don’t usually don’t use big English words when I interact with people so I see no reason to do in my blogposts neither am I poetic. But one thing I am is a storyteller and I bet you could already tell without me even mentioning it from how I write my blogposts. This is one thing that PR folks always look out for from the little I’ve gathered.

This is not me saying in anyway that pitching to brands to collaborate with them is a waste of time as I’m just trying to get my facts and figures right before I start pitching to brands but in the time I’m enjoying the offers I get using the tips I just shared and I hope this blogpost was helpful to you. Do enjoy the rest of your week reader!!

Love always…

Did you find this post any helpful? Have you ever pitched collaboration to any brand? Got more tips? Do share by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. This is really helpful, I’m in the research stage and I try my best to be consistent on I.G at least for now till I get a site to be more expressive


  2. Totally agree with your points. Consistency is key but it has to be a good consistency so you just don’t post something just because you have to but because you know it’s good work. I still watch those too on YouTube as you might learn new things. Good post b

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  3. Awesome post 😊🌹. My favorite is point 5. I always say, it’s easier to write on subject matters that we’re passionate about. No need to try be like others😅. Be original. Then everything will just flow and come through so effortlessly. I appreciate bloggers who do this. Cause even if for example, I’m not passionate about make up, just by reading from someone who genuinely enjoys it, I may be keener to gain interest. Thanks for sharing! I’m a newbie subscriber. Yay 🙌


  4. This was such a great read, I’m bookmarking! I’ve been battling with being consistent and now that I’ve just seen again that ‘IT IS KEY’, I guess I have to put in more effort. Thank you for this!


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