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I once overheard someone say “The best approach to traveling far and wide is by exploring where you currently are” and since then I’ve been making very conscious effort to stay open minded at exploring my city Lagos and I’ve come to realize it’s just as beautiful as most of the other cities in the world, it just depends on your perspective. On today’s episode of Tourist In My City, I’d be sharing with you photos of my time at MARYLAND UNDER BRIDGE.

What I’m Wearing :Dress : Thrifted | Woven Accessories : One of the kind women gave me as props.

I actually went to Maryland in search of the trendy woven bags that you must have seen all over Instagram. I’m a huge fan of those bags because they are stylish and an easy way to upscale a basic casual outfit but because I can’t afford the popular CULTGAIA ones, I decided to have one hand made for me by the talented women at Maryland just under the bridge that making a living from hand making woven goods. The place was very aesthetically pleasing so Seun and I decided to take pictures while I place my order.I took quite a couple of other pictures to show off the beautiful scenery of the environment but I changed my phone and didn’t back up properly, so I lost all my old photos but I do hope you enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you!! Do have an amazing weekend, till next time.

Love always…

Would you like to see more posts about my city? What’s your take on the woven bags trend? Do share your thoughts with me below, thanks.



  1. Hi. That place is so close to my house and I’ve not been there😥. I got a box woven bag. It was thrifted though😼 and I paired it with a couple of outfits. I carried it out for a whole week😸😻. I would try and visit there. Those pictures are beautiful🌌✨


  2. These pictures made me so happy and you’re right about exploring your city or where you you are. Im at Ibadan nd I dont know a lot of places but after reading this..I’m going to try and change that🌻🌻


  3. Please how do you achieve such great picture quality?

    Is it a filter? An app? All your pictures, right from your Instagram have this subtle quality an aesthetically appealing look even though they may not even be taking in the most amazing locations (ambience-wise).

    The fact that you are taking them on your phone is just mind-blowing. Any tips for us upcoming people?


    1. Hi Olaoluwa, thank you so much for the kind words!! I have two posts on how I edit my photos, you can check it out but bear in mind that a majority of my outfit post photos are taken by my friend who is a photographer on his camera.


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