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It was World Food Day yesterday, so I decided to drag the FOOD vs FASHION conversation from my Instagram to the blog and I really hope you don’t mind? For so long, it has been a battle between FOOD and FASHION which one my favorite ‘F’ word is, so I decided to ask my instagram friends for their opinion and here is what some of them had to say :@bethfayemi  : I love food but I have to go for fashion, fashion brings food.

@joyubani_ : I’d pick a new pair of shoes over pizza or sushi anyday.

@ms.idera : I guess I’m the only one with a different ‘F’ word. (I can’t help but wonder what her ‘F’ word is lol)

What I’m Wearing : Shirt : Thrifted (as styled here previously) | Dress : Thrifted | Slides : IG @sandalsbymo

For me, I’d say both!! The reason why I always picked fashion over food before was asides from my love for looking good, it was easier for me to get fashion items thanks to online shopping outlets but in the case of food, especially none junk food, you’d have to go walk amidst not so nice smelling food stuff and food vendors pulling you in attempt to lure you to buy from them. Also it always felt like you are receiving a present when your fashion item is delivered to your doorstep and who doesn’t like presents?!!

Thankfully, the game changers are here!! Let me introduce you to FOOD TROLLEY, an online food shopping outlet that lets you shop for everything food and drinks, ranging from fresh food like vegetables, snails, tomatoes, melon seeds to beverages, snacks, and even drinks. I absolutely loved shopping on their website as it was totally hassle free and the best part is they deliver all day long till 8pm which I think is amazing, all you have to do is pick a preferred delivery time. I shopped for all the fancy looking stuff like the gorgeous looking Voss water, Ceres wine which I’ve never tried out before but I’m totally hooked on it now etc., food, foodtrolley, grocery shopping.

For an even better shopping experience, they gave me a discount code to share with you reading this blog post ‘THESVNFLWR’ and also you get a free whole chicken on every order till the end of October. This is also an amazing way to surprise your family and friends, as you can buy them some food stuff and have it delivered to their doorstep. So my darling, go forth and shop for food without fear of ruining your favorite pair of shoes at the market.

*This post is in collaboration with FOOD TROLLEY but all the images and words are mine in all honesty.
Love always…

What’s your favorite ‘F’ word? Food or Fashion? Have you ever shopped for groceries online? What do you think of my outfit? Looking forward to reading your replies…


18 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE ‘F’ WORD

  1. Girl this is such a great angle to take a review like this. I love how you combined my two F words together. As for me its hard to decide because my life is a constant battle between wanting to keep eating food but also wanting to still look great in my outfits. Love your outfit too, that pop of colour is lovely. I wonder if food Trolley ships to Abuja tho, I’d have to check that out to find out.


  2. Mahn the way you mix things ehn its makes me keep thrifting, and that’s so thoughtful of you to mix your two F words together. Keep it up


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