Currently listening to Davido | Dami Duro at a Breast cancer event. All I knew about cancer growing up was that it’s a deadly disease that happens mostly to ‘white people’ or ‘rich people’ till I came back from boarding house and noticed that the woman who sells roasted edibles to me, who was at that time mother of 3 children, with the oldest not up to 10years old wasn’t at her spot anymore. I asked my mom and she told me the woman had died and cause of her death was breast cancer. She also mentioned that the woman died even before treatments could be administered to her. So in today’s post I’ve decided to share some cancer facts I’ve learnt with you…

What I’m Wearing :

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FACT ONE : Getting less than six hours of sleep daily can increase risk of having cancer.

FACT TWO : Cancer cells crave sugar.

FACT THREE : There are over a 100 types of cancer.

FACT FOUR : 30 Nigerian women die daily of breast cancer.

FACT FIVE : Breast cancer is most likely to occur in the left breast than in the right.

FACT SIX : There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

FACT SEVEN : Breast feeding has consistently shown to reduce risk of breast cancer.

FACT EIGHT : Living in a clean environment and eating healthy reduces risk of cancer.

FACT NINE : Not all cancer cases are hereditary.

FACT TEN : Even men are at a risk of having breast cancer.

Till this day, I still think about the woman that sells the roasted edibles, how her children are coping now and how she might still be alive today if only she learnt about her illness earlier as early detection of cancer makes easier to handle also increases survival chances. So I’m using this medium to encourage everyone to stay enlightened, check your breasts daily and encourage everyone around you to do the same thing too and if you know anyone that is currently going through breast cancer just tell them to :

I’m super thankful to Larissa for coming up with this initiative because as bloggers asides dressing up and looking pretty we also want to impact lives. Kisses to all the other bloggers that are a part of this especially the Lagos bloggers Wunmi, Lade,  Nonye.  Let’s keep on impacting lives ladies.

Abuja bloggers Oluchi,  Larissa, Mabel, Kachi, Bella, Sarah

Love always…

Do you know anyone that has gone through cancer? any health fact on cancer you want to share?  What’s your thought on this collaboration? Do leave me a reply, thanks.



  1. Early detection does saves lives, I’ve never gone for a medical examination, but I once a week do the self examination thing, I need to ask is there some special kind of hospital for examination or any hospital would do? I must say your blog has great contents, your sense of style is admirable too.


  2. I like the fact that you and some other bloggers decided to collaborate to make an awareness. It’s comforting that you have content. I mean, it’s not just all about beauty and fashion posts. I’m not saying all those are not nice but it’s great that some real issues are being addressed here.

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  3. This post means a lot to me. Earlier this year I started experiencing serious pain on both breasts. I remember being told they found a lump in both breasts, I cried a lot but then they did a disappearing act but something else went wrong, although this one isn’t cancerous, there are still the dangers. I still have the pain from time to time and it is unbeatable.


    1. Awwwwwn Kristen, thank God they disappeared and by the stripes of our lord Jesus you’re free from pain and any dangers that might be lingering. I hope you get yourself checked often and take great care of yourself too!!


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