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It’s been five whole months since my last Currently I Am post and so much has been going on with me since then especially moving from one blog to another which I think is the biggest change amongst so many other changes. I’ve decided today to keep you updated on life happenings, so CURRENTLY I AM…WEARING : LESS!!! Having lived in Lagos all my life one will think that I’d be used to the hot weather condition here but the heat of late sure does surpass my tolerance level hence leaving me with no zeal to wear clothes.

ADMIRING : Sylvia Chuku of She is a blogger turned photographer, I’ve followed her through this journey and it’s so beautiful to see how she decided to chase her passion and is doing so well at. Her images makes my heart smile so much you’d not believe she only just started photography.

Photocredit :

WISHING : I had taken the pictures in this blogpost earlier in day so I won’t be feeling as bad as I feel about the quality of the pictures as I took them after 6pm.

DETERMINED TO : Get me a camera before the year runs out. 

CRAVING : New hair bundles!! Am I the only one that no matter how many wigs I own, I still always want new hair?

EXCITED TO : Be collaborating with shopjumiafashion for their one month long Black Friday sales. Yes you heard right, they’ve made one day 31 and you absolutely should take advantage of this offer especially since Christmas is around the corner.

ANTICIPATING : The upcoming MET GALA awards. I’m not particularly excited about the theme but I’m super hyped about my favorite girl RIHANNA being a co-host. I’m currently preparing my heart to take in how gorgeous I bet she’d look so I don’t have a heart failure on the night of the show.

HAPPY ABOUT : How much acceptance this new blog of mine is getting. One of my fears while moving to a blog was whether I’d be able to grow the followership again but to my surprise in just three months since I launched DRAPEDINBASICS and there are already over a hundred people subscribed to it and this has made me very happy.

APPRECIATING : Guarantee Trust Bank for bringing Oxford Street to Lagos at their just concluded fashion weekend. I really didn’t plan to attend but once I saw pictures of the venue, you trust your girl to take advantage of it as that’s where I took pictures in this blogpost.

IRRITATED BY : The education system in Nigeria *nuff said*

INSPIRED BY : All the people I’ve come across who go after their dreams no matter the challenges faced and thrive through it without giving up, you all help me to stay focused with my head in the game. 

PLANNING TO : Take a trip somewhere for my birthday that’s still about nine months away. I’m planning this far ahead so it can actually be a reality for me when the time comes. Do feel free to drop suggestions on affordable countries and cities to go to.

LOVING : This pretty pink shoe I just ordered on shopjumiafashion. I’ve always wanted a pink shoe in this style and now that’s finally going to be mine!!!

REGRETTING : Being too lazy to connect my phone to power supply last night because now I have a low battery and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through the day.

UNSURE ABOUT : Why I’m still in bed at this very moment even with the long list of all I need to get done today. Am I really that lazy?

READING : Absolutely NOTHING right now as I’m on holiday from school and I’m trying to take advantage of this period to rest my brain.

LISTENING TO : Davido’s new song FIA I’m not exactly a fan of his music but I actually really like this one.

There you have it darling on Ifeoma lately, I hope to do this kind of posts monthly like I used to because I absolutely love gisting with you. Do have an exceptional week ahead.

Love always…

Should I keep doing this kind of update post? Are you subscribed to my blog yet? I’d be looking forward to your comments as I absolutely enjoy reading and replying to them. 


28 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | NOV’17

  1. My! You have the coolest statement Tees ever! Where do you shop them from? And yes! You should do more of this “currently i am ” post, It’s a sure way of keeping up with ifeoma. I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. Awwwww I love you so much. So I have the same shoes for work. And I actually bought another pair that is similar to it. If you are a size 7 (40). It has your name on it.

    Thank you so much xxx


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