Currently listening to Jidenna | Boomerang It’s just a little more than 1 month left before this year comes to an end and thanks to the amazing people that took my Instagram poll, today’s post just as the title suggests, I’d be sharing my 2017 goals, the ones I’ve achieved, how I achieved them and the ones I’m yet to achieve, why I haven’t achieved them and how I still plan to achieve them.

GOALS LIST :Do better at school : Results from my last exams aren’t out yet but I’m hoping it’s better than when I made this list. I’m not even going to lie, school keeps getting tougher and tougher by the day but getting a degree is very important so I’m going to keep pushing.

Get a camera : I was actually given money for this in May, 2017 by my dad but because I wasn’t fully informed on what camera I want and this made me very indecisive. Now it’s November, 2017 I’ve finished spending the money and I still don’t have a camera (don’t ask me how…). This just goes to show me the importance of proper planning and gathering of information before you decide to do something. I’m definitely not going to take this goal into 2018 hence if you know anyone that wants to sell his or her camera (body only) please contact me as I’ve already gotten my lens.

Get a new laptop : So glad I have a new laptop now, it’s made both school work and blogging so much more easier. Currently patting my own back right now as I was able to buy this for myself. Incase you don’t know, asides being a student and blogger, I take product pictures for brands and also manage social media.

Hit 10k views in one month (or more) : Last year, I always rounded up almost every month with just a few numbers less than 10k views and of course I was tired of being stuck in one point but thankfully this year, I’ve been able to surpass 10k every month from January till even this November and it’s not even the end of the month. There are quite a lot of posts on the internet on how to grow your site views but if you’d like to hear it from my point of view do let me know in the comment section. 

Start my thriftshop : This I’d have started a long time ago but I have a very huge problem with doing what everyone else is doing as there are a tons of thrift shops online now. I’ve however decided to sell items from my closet here but that’s still under construction as I want to make the shopping experience an easy and enjoyable one, so this goal, I don’t mind dragging into 2018.

Improve on my saving skills : Thanks to piggybank bank Nigeria and my cute thrifted piggybank, I’ve been able to save pretty well this year and I’m so proud of myself. If you live in Nigeria, I advise you get the piggybank app before you even finish reading this blogpost and if you’re not, you can check out Seyi’s post where she shared apps you can get. Join saving squad today and let’s all secure a good place for our future.

Get my own domain : This I wrote down just for writing sake because I didn’t know what to name I wanted and I didn’t see any point in rushing into it but luckily one day, the amazing people at STYLVO asked what we wanted in an Instagram and I left a comment with a list of things I haven’t ticked off my goals list and they came through by purchasing this domain for me. This is why I always tell people to be interactive on social media, don’t just be that person that watches everyone’s moves but don’t engage with their content. If you’d like to know how I set up this site all by myself, let me know in a comment below.

Stop procrastinating : I’ve come to terms that I might just be needing deliverance to get out of this as this year so far I got even worse. It’s so bad I emeven procrastinated writing this blogpost. I need help guys, if you know any tips on how to stop procrastinating, books or any tool that will help me, please do let me know in the comment section.

Last night, I began scribbling down some things I want to get done next year and it’s already having excited and looking forward to the new year. If you’re like me and haven’t accomplished some things on your list, don’t lose hope, we still have 34days to brace up and conquer those goals. 

Love always…

Looking forward to your replies and tips, thank you.


27 thoughts on “MY 2017 SO FAR SO GOOD

  1. There really is no real tip on how to stop procrastination than to get up and do what needs to be done!. As for getting a new camera, have you considered buying a used one on Jiji, at the time I was looking for one, I saw affordable camera’s, most of the sellers were in Lagos so that should work for you. I’ll check the app you recommended, I definitely want to save more. Congrats on all the other achievements especially the domain name and laptop.

    Princess Audu


  2. Please share your secrets with us LOL! I didn’t really set goals for this year but I wrote a prayer request at the beginning of the year and I’m glad to say most of them were answered! Looking forward to next year because things will be better for all of us ❤

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  3. Cheers 🍻 to hitting dem goals hard 😊
    Piggy Bank Ng is the real deal. I smile all the time at my savings. I’m proud of me.
    Yes to tips on growing our views and a big WELLDONE on achieving almost all your goals.
    Better 2018

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  4. Please do a post on how you were able to grow your views! I think it’s great that you’ve been able to achieve quite a number of your goals this year. And you’re right, we’ve still got time to achieve some of our other goals before the year runs out! xx
    Coco Bella Blog


  5. This post gives me so much hope, lowkey haven’t ticked most things off my list but before the year runs out I’d see what I can do,34 day!!
    Love love this post btw,always looking forward to more posts from you….


  6. Yes! I love the piggy bank idea. I’m definitely getting one before the year ends.
    And yes.. kindly share how you set up this site, you’ll be helping a sister. xx


  7. Hey Ifeoma,
    I am so proud of you for achieving your goals! Its been really nice watching you grow. Congratulations girl!!
    I really had no goals for this year,but 2018 should be ready for me,because I am not here to play with it!
    I would love to know about how you grew your views and the site building as that will be major goals for next year on my end.
    Cheers to a bigger 2018!!

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  8. Hi Ifeoma, you’re amazing with the posts. So yes please share your methods on growing an audience and how to start a thrift shop… also, did you actually design this website yourself? If yes, please put me through and if no, please hook me up with someone who can do a minimalist and fresh design. Thanks!


  9. Nice content as always❤ I’m definitely counting down to d thrift store idea.. Absolutely love d pieces you get.. For saving and procrastination.. So help me God😂😂


    1. CREATE IT NOW!!!! It’s a life saver I tell you!! I almost went broke at the beginning of the point then I remembered all my savings, withdrew some of it and now I’ve got money I’ve replenished it. Very trusty app I tell you


  10. Hi, lovely post, as always. I also sort of have a problem with procrastination, so my friend sent me a book, I could send a copy to your email address, if you send it, I’ll send this to your Instagram dm also, in case I miss your reply. Merry Christmas 😊😊


  11. Yes darling, I will like to know how you set up this site. Good stuff you have here, can’t wait to be confident at what I do too.


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