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Finally harmattan is here and I’m having very mixed feelings about it simply because it’s cold enough to layer my clothes as much as I want but the cold dusty weather is making my throat itch and also making it hard for me to get anything done as all I want to do is stay in bed. Anyway on a brighter note, in today’s post I’d be sharing my tips on how to look stylish and cute this harmattan season.

What I’m Wearing :Top and skirt : Jumia Fashion| Shoe : Online store | Shades : RoadsideVendor | Purse : Thrifted.
1. Choose thin layers over thick layers : This is because as cold as it might seem, the weather these days really just knows how to switch up on us and it might just get really hot unexpectedly and you wouldn’t want to have sweat patches everywhere or having sweat dragging your foundation down. I’d rather suggest you wear clothes just enough to keep you warm and you can easily take off when it gets hot whilst still being fully clothed. If you must wear thick clothes let there be room for air like this off shoulder knit top.
2. Consider how active you’d be : This look is for a date night and it’s just perfect especially with a gorgeous scarf to cover your legs if it starts to get cold. If you’re going to work or school where you’d be seated in one place for hours then it’s advisable you add more layers like wearing the knit top over a white shirt and opting for court shoes that cover your toes.

3. Accessorize with shades : Yes I know you might be wondering why I’m asking you to wear shades when it’s not sunny, well it’s simply because it’s really dusty at this time of the year and you wouldn’t want to have your eyes catching dust particles leaving your mascara smeared all over your face as a result from rubbing your eyes will you?

And now to the GIVEAWAY!!!! I’m an avid blog reader and one thing I’ve noticed is how bloggers have lots of readers and amazing content but barely any comments on their blogs but I look at every supportive and inspiring comment you take time out to leave on each of my blog posts and I feel very lucky to have awesome people like you reading my blog!! To show my appreciation, I’m going to be hosting a series of giveaways all through this month starting with this pair of Mules (size 39/40) to keep your toes warm from @SHOPRBJ on instagram.


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– Follow me (thesvnflwr) and @shoprbj on instagram.

– In the comment section tell me what your favorite blog post from me this year so far is.

– Giveaway winner will be announced on my instastory on Friday the 15th of December.

– Giveawy is open to Lagos residents or anyone who has a Lagos delivery address.

– Good luck guys!!

Love always…
Do you have any tips on how to dress for the cold days? Did you find thes tips any helpful? Kindly leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts, thanks.



  1. Hi dear, lovely combo by the way! Super excited to be participating eh so i totally digged how to achieve great skin care on a low budget, the best have read so far on any blog this year.It came right on time, my face was becoming messy with acne and dang your blog post came through easily! Still itching to visit miniso Ikeja for the green tea oil. I’ll suggest a cool round neck cotton shirt with a cool inscription and a denim boot cut jean with mules, this is my ultimate harmattan go to look. Okay so I think, I’m gonna win! Lol yassss


  2. I am a guy don’t really come for fashion tips but I just see my self coming back because of the simplicity and comfort which I can totally relate to cause am a student. And please how do u take ur pictures do u use pro or u have a personal camera.


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