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I’m sure by now you’ve already crowned me ‘queen of last minute ish’ because how dare I be publishing a Christmas gift guide when it’s only seven days till Christmas Day but guess what?!!! I’m pretty sure there’s someone out here that doesn’t know how to go about Christmas gift shopping because low budget with very little time and that someone is who instead of sleeping (it’s 2:05am), I’m writing this very budget friendly and very thoughtful Christmas gift guide for.


The Jewelry Lover : 

The Zivanora Custom Disc Pendant Necklace is one that anyone even the guys in your life will absolutely appreciate and your bank account won’t even be bothered from purchasing this. I also recently fell in love with Ghanaian jewelry brand Odara, they have the most aesthetically pleasing jewelry and at very little cost but to save yourself from sending more on shipping, you can just purchase pieces from their Jumia Store. 

The Skincare Lover 

All you have to do my dear is quickly make a trip to Ebeano Supermarket, Lekki Phase 1 if you live in Lagos as they retail almost all the skincare products your fav would want and at very affordable prices too!! If you don’t live in Lagos, you can shop here too as I’m certain they retail quality products too at really low prices.

The Shoe Lover :

Once again, Jumia has you covered!!! Asides from spotting shoes that being sold by a lot Instagram vendors at nearly half the prices, I recently got these two shoes that almost every one wanted when I put it up on my instastory and I bet your fav would love them too!!

The Perfume Lover :

Smelling good is a very good business but also very expensive business. As an upcoming rich person that can’t afford that luxury I’m super glad perfume oils are now a thing and will live you smelling just as nice!! I’m not sure an online website that sells but this Instagram page has got your back and they deliver nationwide.

The Food Lover (the one that likes to cook) :

Jesus is definitely the reason for the season but one other major thing we all look forward to are the Christmas meals and I bet you that food lover you know would absolutely love to come home to seasoning spices for their Christmas turkey or even ingredients to make a dish with. Just visit FOODTROLLEY, pick your ingredients and have them deliver it to the doorstep of whosoever you’re gifting completely hassle free without you having to go to the market yourself. You can use my discount code ‘THESVNFLWR’ at checkout to make your shopping even cheaper. 

The Journal Lover :

There are lots of places where you can get journals but I recently just got this holographic one from this online Instagram store and I absolutely love it. It’s very pretty and not a common kind which I feel makes it a good pick for a gift idea.
These are a few things I’m interested in that I’m very certain won’t cost you so much and will make excellent gifts for people this season especially since we are doing last minute shopping. I just rounded up placing my orders and I can’t wait for my loved ones to get their gifts. Remember, the fastest way to get rewarded is my giving.


Since we are talking gifting, I’m giving away two pairs of glasses from SHOPNEEN. All you have to do is :

  • Guess how many pairs of glasses I got this month so far.
  • Follow me and shop.neen on instagram.
  • You must be subscribed to my blog.
  • Winner will be announced on my instastory on the 20th of December, 2017.

Love always…

Do you get Christmas presents? Was this post any helpful? Do share your thoughts by leaving me a comment below, thanks.



      1. Not even gonna lie but you were my actual winner but you didn’t leave your Instagram handle so Tobi beat you to it. But guess what I have an even better giveaway today on Instagram, do be sure to enter cos you might guess right again and win this time.


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