Currently listening to FIFA 17 soundtrackFirstly, let me tell you why I address myself as the ‘EDITOR’, I hope that one day I work zat VOGUE magazine and I will not just be a writer but an editor. Can I get a believing amen somebody?!!! Okay now back to today’s post, I’m currently challenging myself to put out seven blogpost everyday, for the next days starting from today and I thought it only right to dedicate the first one to you, yes you!, my amazing reader.On Thursday the 21st Of December made it two years since I started blogging and it’s been an amazing journey so far all thanks to God and YOU. I was reading a similar post I wrote late year on my old blog and only then did I truly realize how far I’ve come, I believe there is still room for lots of improvement (like me finally taking time to learn about SEO and being a better blogger) but today I’m still super proud of myself and of you too because we are definitely not where we used to be this time last year.A found a very cheesy thank you note on google and it says “thank you for being the best bra I’ve ever had because of the support you give” and in that moment, I thought “yes, I’ve finally found a name to call my readers” so I hope you don’t mind me starting my blogposts with ‘hello bra’ because in this two years of blogging, although my family and friends have been supportive, you are still the best support system I have. I moved from my old blog to this year and one thing I was scared of was people not receiving this new site well and even losing all my stats but look at us today growing even stronger and better.

Thank you so much for all the kind words you shower me with, all the genuine comments that shows you actually read my shabbily written blogposts from start to finish, for keeping up with me on my social media pages it’s almost unbelievable to me that I went from 5k followers on Instagram at the beginning of the year to 10.5k as I write this. This might not seem a lot to you but because I’ve grown my followers organically, it’s huge to me. A VERY BIG THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN MY AMAZING BRA and do be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow as I’ve got a very juicy blogpost coming your way.

Ps : One of my blogger babes decided to join me on this 7days challenge, you can check out her post here.
Love always…

Would you be stopping by for the other six posts? What do you like or not like about my blog? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thanks.


18 thoughts on “DAY 1 | FROM THE EDITOR WITH LOVE 2.0

  1. I want to quit blogging sometimes but I always find myself on your page …All I see is growth…Getting inspired to not give up….Thank you bra for being my inspiration without realizing it


  2. I tell anyone who cares to know, that you’re my favorite blogger, it’s beautiful that you’re chasing your dreams, I hope I achieve mine and you yours. staying tuned….


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