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While others are busy gushing over their Christmas presents I’ve decided to show you the things I got for myself this month that aren’t THRIFTED and hopefully they are the last set of things I buy because January usually has about 368days and I’ve got to have a bank account set and ready for the very long month ahead.

                                                                    THE SPLURGE

To be honest, I actually can’t wait till I’m rich enough not to care and just sit in my house to do all my shopping.

These three bags right here are the major reason why I hardly patronize Instagram online stores. I got all three for 9,000naira and I’m still in disbelief of it. I’ve always wanted to update my bag collection to be more ladylike but I couldn’t bring myself to buying a mini bag for between 7,000 – 10,000naira with my student budget but on my way to the famous lekki art and craft market to get myself the IT bag of 2017 which is the ‘basket bag’ before the year runs out I found a vendor that sold me this Gucci inspired bag and Chloe inspired bag for 4,000naira each. Not to talk of how the basket bags usually cost about 5,00naira and above but I got this for way lesser. This isn’t even me saying online stores are rip offs or anything like that, I guess I’m really just a cheapskate that likes the finer things of life but will only get them at a bargain or reasonable price. To be honest, I actually can’t wait till I’m rich enough not to care and just sit in my house to do all my shopping.Gucci Dionysus, Gucci inspired bagBasket bag, cultgia, cheap basket bagsChloe bag dupe, Chloe bag, Chloe inspired bag

                                                            THE INVESTMENT 

 the key to a good makeup look is the base…

I’m that girl that hardly invests in beauty products, I’d rather spend money on skincare than makeup because I absolutely suck at doing my makeup and I’ve always felt it’s a waste of money to buy products I would end up not using until recently I’ve realized that the key to a good makeup look is the base and as my AMAZING Cover girl foundation is almost empty, I decided to get the Maybelline Fit Me as recommended for my oily skin by youtubers and the trusty vendor I got this from. Although I was really shocked it’s so small (30ml), I really hope I get a lot of use out of it enough to justify spending 5,500naira on a bottle of foundation. (If you’d like me to do a first impression review of this product, do let me know in the comment section)

I’m not sure how well you’d like this post as it’s my first haul of items that are not thrifted as that’s what you’re used to but I hope you like the items as much as I do and if you like any of them I’ve included shopping links below :

Gucci Inspired Bag shop here |Chloe Inspired Bag shop here,  here

If you haven’t checked out Day 1 of my 7days of blogposts challenge you totally should!!


Love always…

What do you think of online shopping? Will you buy designer dupes? Should I Share more shopping links on my posts? Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. 1. I have traces of paranoia in my blood so I’m not a huge fan of shopping online
    2. Been planning to get this Maybelline Fit Me foundation because my Revlon is finishing but I’ve just been procrastinating because to be honest I don’t wear make up that often.
    3. About January having that many days, I totally agree.
    Can’t wait for day 3

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  2. I can so relate to being a cheapskate. Many times I see all these products social media vendors are selling on other shopping sites and the price difference is quite much but I really can’t blame them because they also have to import and sort out their internet bills and all.
    Anyway, love, love the Gucci dupe bag. I’m really not crazy about designer bags, so long as it’s classy, chic and functional. The only designer bags I’ve had a thing for are the “Hermes Kelly” and “Celine Luggage”.
    So dig u get your raffia purse for 1k?
    Love this haul post, thrifted or nah! They are still beauties to behold!



  3. The thought of buying a foundation at that amount just kills me tbvh …I went on jumia hoping that I’ll get this some foundation at a cheaper price but mba…I just gave up considering the fact that I was just about to start using makeup I couldn’t bring myself to pay such for foundation when my face cleanser is 500naira ..but I finally got a very good foundation for 2k glory be to good..but a review on this will be good let’s see if I can sacrifice that amount for foundation and ignore the plenty clothing items I could acquire for 5k5


  4. Shopping online is quite difficult for me as I like to see what I buy before I actually…buy, but I am slowly getting the hang of it! (Thank you Aliexpress)
    I lovvvee that Gucci-inspired bag and the basket bag too. I really need to get me one of those.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even though it wasn’t thrift, it’s still pretty affordable.
    Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to day three!

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  5. Eyah, Merry Christmas Baby Girl 🙂
    I got the Maybelline fit me foundation during black friday for N3,500.
    I don’t love it as much as I thought I will though.
    I got the Maybelline Superstay Better skin a couple of weeks before it and it comes with a pump which makes life easier, however, I wish it was a tad bit darker, the foundation struggle is real mehn.
    I love your Basket Bag btw, need to cop one soon!!

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    1. Same to you my darling!!!
      This is my first proper foundation and I really like it, I tried out different shades while working with a makeup artist and the best part for me is that it’s truly matte because I have very oily skin. Maybe I like this one because I’ve not really tried other options.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by Tuke.


  6. Love love the bags and you got, they look so amazing. The Gucci inspired one is so beautiful.
    Review on the foundation would be nice
    Always love reading haul posts, has to be my favourite


  7. Nice! Sometimes splurge!
    I really love the Gucci inspired bag. Usually don’t like those type of bags but this one is beautiful and you got it for a damn steal!
    Oh yes to a review of the foundation.


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