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Meaning : A series of gifs that shows steps to getting anything done.

eg : On day 3, Ifeoma published a makeup giftorial.

I decided on doing this 7 Days Of Blogging Challenge because I wanted to stretch myself and this post, this post right here had me almost reaching my elastic limit but mercy said NO and here we are with a statement makeup look for a girl on a budget.


I just got the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation a couple of days ago and this was the perfect time to try it out. I’m in the shade 355 Coconut and this cost me less than 6,000naira.


I’m going to be using products in my Elf Cosmetics Wicked Book, I purchased this for less than 2,000naira on jumia and it consists of a pair of lashes, eyelash glue, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and lip color.


I used the reddish orange eyeshadow all over my eye lid in very minimal quantity because I was going for a bold lips and don’t want to end up looking like a clown. I also applied the darkest color to the outer corners of my lid to create a smokey eyes effect.

I went ahead to line my lower lash line with the elf eyeliner that came in the book to make my eyes pop and make my eye bags less visible.


I really tried to fix these false lashes myself for the umpteenth time and after several trials I gave up as the sun was setting and the sunlight was all the light I had to get this done.

I decided to just enhance my lashes with my Nars Volumizing Mascara which I use on a daily basis (that’s if I’m leaving my house or dorm anyway) and I think this works just fine till I finally learn to put on false lashes or get semi permanent lashes installed.


This book was called the WICKED BOOK because it’s supposed to help you create a dramatic look (think of MALIFICIENT) so hence the black lip color was included and I absolutely love that it’s glossy and most especially tastes so SWEET (how ironical).


I used the light gold shimmering eyeshadow to highlight some areas on my face (I have a thing for using gold eyeshadows as highlighters) like my tear duct area, the bridge of my nose, my cupid bow and VIOLÁ, this look was done.

if you have oily skin like I do, then you should definitely get the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


Several hours later after I’ve licked off all the lipgloss, the foundation still looked like I just applied it. I didn’t have on any primer neither did I dust on any powder, so if you have oily skin like I do, then you should definitely get the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I hope you enjoyed this post because as stressful as it was, with my very poor knowledge of makeup I enjoyed making it.

Do be sure to catch up on DAY 1 and DAY 2 Incase you missed them and stop by again tomorrow as I’ve got more interesting content coming your way.

Do check out Yechi’s day 3 post here.

Love always…

What do you think of this look? Will you rock a black lips? What beauty product are you loving at the moment? Do share your thoughts with by leaving a comment below, thanks.


13 thoughts on “DAY 3 | A WICKED BOOK GIFTORIAL

  1. This looks good ifeoma. You’re getting better, you’ll be a pro in no time. I love my maybeline fit me foundation, kuddy cosmetics Lipsticks, I’m still on Red Cherry lashes, L.A pro Concealers lol cuz I can’t afford more than those


  2. Foundation really sits pretty. I can’t rock black lips, I feel I’ll look like those maiden me in Igbo movies but only scarier. I love my recently acquired Tara Bronzer, i use it as an eyeshadow sometimes. I’m off to bed..

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  3. This is so creative and the look is soo nice. Its like I will just be seeing this banging looks on peoples faces because I can’t considering my relationship with makeup.


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