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As you might already know if you follow me on Instagram, INSTAX is now in Nigeria and luckily for me, I’m one of the people they chose to try it out and to be honest I’m obsessed with it. I’ve always longed for an instant camera and finally my dream came true on a platter of gold. In today’s post I’d be reviewing the Instax Mini 9 and answering the top 5 questions I got concerning it.


The Kit :

The instax mini 9 pack comes with these

The cameraClose up lens attachmentHand StrapOne AA battery packUser ManualAn instax sticker

Features :

Selfie Mirror

This is my favorite feature because it helps you see exactly what your photo will look like when it’s printed it because I really don’t know how to take selfies except it’s with a front camera.

Close Up Lens

I guess this is for taking close up photos or flatlays. I haven’t tried using it as I haven’t found it necessary yet.

Light Settings :

You can adjust the lighting like you can on proper digital cameras as it has four different lighting options plus a high key mode for those very dark rooms, ya dig?


Question 1 : Can it be used for blog and Instagram photos?

Answer : No it can’t as it’s an instant camera with no memory space. What it does is print out pictures immediately it’s taken.

Question 2 : What’s the picture quality like?

Answer : It actually prints good quality pictures, not a good as the standard film print photos and although I’ve not tried other instant cameras, I think this is just great as far as I’m concerned.

Question 3 : Where can I buy it?

Answer : Thankfully Instax is now in Nigeria and you can buy both camera and films from malls around you like Megaplaza, Hubmart and even online on stores like yudala.

Question 4 : Does it come with the film?

Answer : Yes when you get it, you get a pack of film but once that is used up you’d have to go back for more.

Question 5 : How much is it?

There is no fixed price as different sales outlets charge different amounts for this instant camera. Depending on where you’re buying from, the price varies between 30,000naira – 40,000naira which I think is quite reasonable and the films retail for 3,500naira for a pack containing 10sheets.

Today I spent time at the beach with a faulty charger and dead phone but thanks to my instax mini 9, I was still able to take photos while at the beach and for this reason I think it’s very okay if you decide to get it just Incase you find yourself in my kind of situation.


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You can check out Yechi’s post here.

Love always…

Do you own an instant camera? Will you be willing to get one? Do you have any more questions about the instax mini 9? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. Regular daily check in entry:
    Awesome! Not a priority but this camera is definitely something I’d love to have. By the way, I hope you do a CURRENTLY I AM Post one of these 7days. I love those too


  2. You have a total of 25 posts since you switched to draped in basics…
    Been wanting to get the instax mini for a long time, its on the “shouldn’t buy but want to buy” list.


  3. This camera is goals but since I can’t afford one atm I’ve devised a way to look like the picture was taken using an instax mini. You’ve published 30 posts on Draped in Basic. Really hope I win, that bag is 😍😍😍


  4. I love this camera. I don’t own one..yet.
    I can’t wait. The bag is really gorgeous. You have published 25 posts on I really hope I’m right . Cheers


  5. haha you didn’t give us live from takwa bay o..the instant camera is beautiful…you’ve had 30 posts since we(lool yes we) moved to ig: goldenpeng_


  6. haha you didn’t give us live from takwa bay o..the instant camera is beautiful…you’ve had 30 posts since we(lool yes we) moved to ig: goldenpeng_


  7. The instax camera is amazing, and your flatlays game is strong ma’am, you’ve published 26 posts on drapedinbasics,this bag is beautiful I hope I win


  8. Hahaha for a minute I thought you you were giving away an INSTAX camera. I really love the color you were given plus I’m definitely saving up for mine because aesthetic.

    So giveaway time 💪🏾😀
    You have published 28 articles (including this one) so far on the Draped in Basics blog.
    Already following you & the Ara Store on Instagram so fingers crossed pon dis one.
    Glad you finally visited Tarkwa Bay. Please do a blog post for us abeg! We’ll manage the Instax pictures sef 😀😀


  9. You’ve posted 28 articles including this one on instax which is detailed by the was .
    Been waiting for the instax to get to Nigeria and im overjoyed really. Itll be great if i win them
    So i really pray i do .it’ll be making my year reallly.


  10. GIVEAWAY: You’ve posted 28 posts including this, I’ve subscribed and follow the two pages on Instagram. Wishing myself major luck 🤞🏽


  11. Oh hi there, I’m here for the giveaway 💃 You have published a total of 28posts from August 22 (when you switched to DrapedinBasics) till date, I really hope I win, thank you and Yes, you have an amazing page,. I’d keep.up regardless😍
    IG – @thelastfantabender


  12. GIVEAWAY: you’ve published 28 posts including this one, I’ve followed the two pages on Instagram and I’m also subscribed to your blog 😁. Wishing myself major luck 🤞🏽


  13. Ifeomaaaaa 😍😍😍 drapedinbasics is def blog goals . since I started following your former fab blog it’s been so inspiring to see your content grow and actually take you places. You need to hold a master class someday for just one attendant meee🤚🏾.
    Giveaway entry
    You’ve published 26posts since the switch to drapedinbasics including the |welcome to drapedinbasics post| *fingerscrossed


  14. 29 posts since you switched to…… love love to always visit your blog. .I would love to own an instant camera too ig: niffycrystals_


  15. Okay so I really hope I’m not late 😭😭. This camera is a major want 😓😓 plus the bag. At least if I’m not getting he camera anytime soon the bag is still feasible 😭😭😭. So here goes; You have a total of 26 posts (this includes your Welcome to draped in basics post and your latest post;postcards from takwa bay post). I really hope I win 🤞🏽😓

    Ig: achilyk


  16. Thank you for the review on the camera. I wonder why the price varies though.
    My Giveaway Answer:
    Since you switched to “drapedinbasics”, you’ve had a total of 29posts including this post and the welcome to “drapedinbasics” post.


  17. Your blog is blog goaaaaaaalllllllssss 😍😍😍😍 Dayuuummm… You really trying girl, not easy to keep up with owning a blog but you doing amazing sweetie 👏👏. May God strengthen you and give you more beautiful insights on how to run your blog. You’ve had a total of 26 post since your switch to


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