Currently listening to students chatting It’s unbelievably the last Friday of this month and the year 2017. Thankfully, yesterday I went on a trip to Tarkwa Bay and it’s unarguably one of the memories of 2017 I’d cherish forever because it was so much fun and totally budget friendly. In today’s post I’d be giving you a breakdown of what went down incase you’d like to take a trip there too.


I planned to go alone as I was tired of waiting for people to go with me (problems when you can count your friends on one hand) but thankfully Iju who is a photographer decided to come with me and we met at Palms, Victoria Island Lagos. We got a few snacks, drinks and food for less than 4,000naira and then headed to the Marine service just beside Oriental Hotel. On getting there we were redirected to CMS, as they boats there weren’t commercial and the price to take us there was 10,000naira. If you are ‘money gang’ then this will be okay but if you are on a budget like Iju and I, you’d make your way to CMS like we did and board a boat alongside a few other people going to the island and this cost us 500naira per head but I had already budgeted 2,000naira as that’s what I read on other blogs prior to the trip (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

BREAK IN TRANSMISSION : My charger got bad and phone went dead while on the journey there so I couldn’t document this.

The very wavey trip (pun intended) from CMS took us about 20mins to get to the shore of the island.


We had to pay 200naira fee per person to some tout guys and that was very okay. We met a guy named Femi who rented out cute beach chairs and a table to us. We didn’t get a tent as the sun wasn’t any harsh and we had him bring the chairs to the sea side so we can enjoy the sea breeze and capture beautiful moment. We got two chairs which cost 500naira each (I’m guessing because it’s festive season) and the table cost 300naira but we paid 1,200naira in total.


So glad I went with Iju as she understood the whole creating content process and I didn’t feel any shy around her. Being a photographer, she also got to taking photos and here are some photos she took of me

I got the coconut juice that I’ve always wanted, mainly for the aesthetics and to learn how it tastes as I’ve never had it before and there’s quite a lot of hype on instagram about it. I HATED the taste, I was hoping they’d add some other things to it to make it taste nicer but it was still same old coconut water to my disappointment and this cost 200naira. I also got some arm candy for a boy I fancy at a rate of 100naira each from an Hausa vendor that taught me three Hausa words. I’m even more thankful I went with my Instax Mini 9 which I reviewed in details here because I wouldn’t have been able to take any photos as my phone battery was out and you already know that’s my number one camera since I don’t own a dslr camera yet. Here are some more photos I took with my instax camera featuring my new South American, Russian, Nigerian friend Lucifer :Iju


Finding a boat to take back to shore was a little tedious as boats will rather carry people in large groups than Iju and I except we were ready to hire the whole boat but luckily for us we found a small family heading to Bonny Camp and we joined them. Although that wasn’t the route we came through, we just wanted to leave the island as it was already getting dark.


The boat we were in was the double engine kind and surprisingly I enjoyed the ride more this time. We saw a HUGE fish jump out of the water but no one was quick enough to capture the moment. The ride back was about 10-15mins and on getting to the shore we paid 500naira for the ride and bid the sea farewell. I would highly recommend the Bonny Camp Route as it’s shorter, easier to get to from both the mainland and island and also easier to find your way home too.

I had a blast yesterday, I spent a total of 4,000naira and that’s very affordable especially for the amount of fun that I had and this just goes to show that you don’t need people to make you happy or have fun. You want to see a movie? Go do it! You want to go kayaking? Go do it! You want to take a trip? Go do it! Can’t wait to take more adventures in 2018 and I sincerely hope that you find this post helpful.

Love always…

Have you been to the beach lately? Will you like to visit an island? Do ask me more questions and share your thoughts by leaving a reply below, thanks.



  1. Wooow wooow,I’m pretty sure you had fun and the friends ish hmmm I agree with you that’s what happens when you have just few friends ,mahn it’s been long I went to the beach and I seriously want to go again I can’t wait for more adventures from you in 2018,school is resuming soon tho 😂😂no fears,amazing post dear💖💖💖💖💖💖


  2. Just dropping by. Thought of going to La Campagne Tropicana with a guy I fancy in 2018 😉. So beach body loading. This is great… can’t wait for tomorrow ☺️… I don’t want this to be over 😞


  3. This was a lovely read. I have actually been to TakwaBay but it was part of a school program. I went on a boat from the island we stayed at while most of my classmates did the endurance trek. It was fun though. Stayed away from the water and cooked rice with sand as an ingredient, lool


  4. The pictures are amazing! Wish I waited a day longer and I would have bumped into you guys.

    I was at Tarkwa bay on 27th for bay side vibes, twas fun but kinda rowdy. I prefer fun times with close pal at the sea side stead of a party.

    Tip: It’s best to exit the beach by 5pm as 6pm is the Rush hour and the standard time the waterways movement close.

    Had a crazy time getting a boat to leave and I got home terribly sick * blame it on PMS tho*


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