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I noticed most bloggers get to that 10k number and engagement drops drastically

Would you believe me if I told you I dreaded having 10k followers on Instagram? Well truth is I very much did! I noticed most bloggers get to that 10k number and engagement drops drastically and I’d rather have a smaller number but with matching engagement but ofcourse growth happened and I hit 10k. As predicted, my engagement started to drop too and that had me paying more attention to the ‘Instagram Algorithm’ everyone was always complaining about and in today’s post I’d be sharing how you can beat it like I do with these 5 practical ways :


You hit 10k and automatically feel like you’re too big to like other people’s posts or leave comments because you’re now a top blogger or influencer. The truth is yes, you’re a leader but nobody wants to remain a follower forever, so if they keep engaging with your content and you don’t return the love they’d be forced to start to ignore you no matter how much they like your content.


You know how there are several seeds in a plant pod but you never see them? That’s what happens when you join a pod. Instead of being in pod, build a community. Make friends with people with similar ideas and aesthetics as you or people whose audience you’d like to tap into and be sure to always like their posts and leave thoughtful comments on posts you really like not just emojis or ‘cute’. You’d find them in return liking and leaving comments on your own post too helping you get good engagement and also exposing you to their own followers.


Before I post a photo, I spend 10mins or less interacting with the posts on my feed and a few mins on my explore page. This is a way to getting people to remember you still exist and have them engaging with your page so when you post a photo, they just might be checking your profile out, end up liking your photo and further more leave a comment. After posting I still spend some more time replying to comments on my new post and on older posts that I might have missed to also pop up on more people’s notifications and have them checking out my photo hence seeing my new photo too.


By inactive followers, I do not only mean the followers that do not use Instagram but also followers that you know are always peeping but never engage with your content. I know you’re thinking that will reduce your number of followers and engagement but the real deal is, I found out that Instagram due to the new order of posts appearing on the timeline only shows a percentage of your followers your content. Now imagine if the percentage that sees the post when you put it up are the peepers, that means your post will have very low engagement which also means Instagram will not show it to the rest of your followers and your post isn’t going to appear on the explore page either because Instagram rates low engagement as ‘bad post’ and good engagement as ‘good post’. So do not hesitate to BLOCK anyone that might hinder your chances of good engagement.


Posts nowadays always tend to look the same so always switch things up, don’t be too predictable as people will get bored and tired of liking the same thing over and over again. Do your research, see the posts your followers engage the most with and give them more of that but with a new twist each time.

Bonus tip 1 : A call to action will have people leaving comments but don’t over do it.
Bonus 2 : Time of posting is important as the more people online the more engagement your post is most likely to get. (note to self)
Bonus 3 : Don’t be all about sending traffic to your blog, sometimes create fun and relatable posts just for the viewing pleasure of your followers.

As a content creator, I know how much work is put into creating good content and these are just a few things I do and to make sure my posts get the attention they deserve. I’m not an Instagram Algorithm expert as I can’t even pronounce ‘algorithm’ correctly at first trial and still learning the ropes but I really hope you find the tips in this post as helpful as I have.

Love always…

Did you find the tips helpful? Any more tips you’ve got? Do share your thoughts with me so we can learn from eachother, thanks.



  1. 1. Ifeoma, I know you posted this when I was asleep. I forgive you.
    2. My dear sister, it bothered me but I never really paid attention to this, thanks for the tips… I see my Instagram reaching a desired level in 2018.
    3. With love from a reader to the editor : today is day 365 of 365 and I woke up with this “I didn’t come this far to only come this far” and that’s my love note to you!

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  2. This was awesome and came at a great time. Been looking for ways to make various changes to both my blogging game and my social media game. Thanks a lot for the tip ma sista from Adam & Eve.


  3. I’ve been wondering how to deal with the Instagram algorithm this year as I work on creating better content… I have a tendency to unfollow people I’ve identified as ‘peepers’ like you call them after a couple of months, but I never thought about blocking them – I think I’ll try that. Thanks for the tips! ||


  4. Hello dear,
    I have been following you for a little while now and I have been loving every bit of the content you put online. I would like to ask for advise on starting a blog and also starting a blog. Do you need a lot of money? In the aspect of clothes or accessories.

    Thank you.


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