Currently listening to a Nicki Minaj song Happy new year bra!! If this is your first time visiting this blog, I’d advise you check out this post to find out why I’m addressing my readers as ‘bra’ and hopefully you become a bra too. This post was supposed to be published yesterday as the last of my 7 days blogging challenge but I decided to do it today so I can wish you a blissful 2018 while sharing my ultimate tips to wearing cheap clothes but look expensive.

What I’m Wearing:
Top – Thrifted (150naira)
Jeans – Thrifted (800naira)
Bag – Bar Beach Market (1000naira)
Shoe – c/o Jumia
Glasses – IG Store


While thrift shopping, I always look out for trendy pieces because once people see you they automatically begin to think how cool and trendy you are not even if it’s Gucci or guccy you’re wearing. Seeing as trends are usually recycled, the best place to find really trendy one of kind pieces that are also ridiculously affordable are in the thrift shops or heap of clothes on the roadside (aka bend down boutique) just like this mom jean I’m wearing in this post or this corset I styled here.


If you look closely at my top, you would notice that the hem of the shoulder cut out is beaded, the beading is also done in a way that makes it look hand beaded and y’all know in this fashion age we are in, hand beading automatically looks expensive. Also be sure to make sure the detailing on each piece you’re buying is still very intact because imagine the beading on my top is falling apart, you’d see it and think it’s not well made which equals cheap right?


I learnt this from blogger Sara Crampton of HarperandHarley and it changed the game for me. The 3 color rule is simply wearing not more than 3 color at once. This way you always know what to pair with what effortlessly and makes your outfit look very well coordinated. If you need more tips on this you can ask Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye is king at this.


You can be wearing a simple cheap T-shirt and same jeans you’ve been wearing since you were 8 but styling this outfit with a cool pair of mules, a pair of cool glasses or a bag like one of these will make your outfit look pretty expensive. I’m that girl that would rather invest in accessories than in actual clothing items because they make or break an outfit.

Thank you so much if you are reading this, I hope you found these tips helpful because this year we are saving more while looking good and I also hope you keep coming back all the year. Happy new year again and I hope all our heart desires comes to past.


Cool slides are also a way to make a casual outfit look expensive, so in this light and also to say thank you for your support during this 7 Days Challenge I’m giving away this gorgeous slides courtesy of SANDALSBYMO (I have a pair in yellow)


⁃ Must be following me (thesvnflwr) and SANDALSBYMO on instagram.

⁃ Must be subscribed to this blog

⁃ In the comment section tell me two brands I collaborated with in 2017.

⁃ Giveaway ends on the 5th of January, 2018.

⁃ Winner will be picked at random and announced on my instagram.

⁃ Good luck guys!!

A big thank you to Yechi for joining me on this challenge, you should absolutely check out her posts here.

Love always…

What do think of this look? Were my tips any helpful to you? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. Thanks girl that’s our goal for the year. Happy New Year. I’m tempted to enter this giveaway but I’m not greedy.
    Thanks for seven days of uninterrupted greatness. This year is our new dawn.
    Can’t wait for your next “Currently I am” post

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  2. It’s a new day, a new month, a new week and a new Year! Everything about you is refreshed. The Lord will go with you this new year and you’ll enjoy the favour of God this year. Arise and shine for your Glory is come. Welcome to 2018! Rejoice and be glad……
    You collaborated with @shopjumiafashion and jaxx cosmetic in 2017

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  3. Ayyy Mami spot on with the tips.The major one I can relate to is accessorizing and also the 3 colour rule. One does not need to break the bank to be stylish.
    Hmmm! Another giveaway 😀
    In 2017, You had the opportunity to collaborate with OLAY and Adire Nation.
    You didn’t state the size of the slides but I hope it’s a 39/40.
    Fingers crossed!

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  4. Accessorizing is one rule i never miss out on when styling an outfit. I’ll definitely look out for trendy pieces when next i go thrift shopping. For the giveaway, You collaborated with lots of amazing brands in 2017 but the one that caught my eyes most is your collaboration with JaxxCosmetics and Jumia 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

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  5. I want to enter..
    You collaborated with @manvibess, @87origins, @aratribes, @sittingprettycosmetics.. lol should I go on?
    Will follow the account now and sub to the blog if I can find where…

    About the post, I can work with more than 3 colours



  6. So glad to be back here! Whoop!
    Ifeoma steady thrift queening! Thanks for the tips girl and happy new year.
    Now to the giveaway, you collaborated with @zivanora and
    I would really love to win those slides *fingers crossed*

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  7. Facts! Facts! And facts!
    Thank you for this. Now my more money less expenditure 2018 is loading in full force plus my brain is gasping over the price of your jeans. Coman be my shopping buddy 😭😭
    For the giveaway; two brands I know you’ve worked with is Zivanora and Jumia fashion.

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  8. Happy NewYear dear! Accessories always make styling better. My favourite accessories are sunglasses.
    Few of the brands you collaborated with are INSTAX and DESIRÉE IYAMA.

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