Currently closing my ears to every form of music.

This is the beginning of

everything you want.

It’s day 3 of 2018 and I honestly already feel like the year is going by so fast, like I just said ‘happy new year’ a few hours ago, I can still remember trying to calm my crying baby cousin while I prayed my way into the new year. Oh well, I take this as my cue to not be caught slipping this year. Anyway it’s been a while since I updated you on what’s happening with me, so currently I am…WEARING : Thick clothing like this old navy sweater dress. I know it ain’t that cold but I get cold really easy and I’m currently suffering from a flu, so the thicker the better it is for me right now.ADMIRING : The girl I see when I look in the mirror. Hopefully someday I’d write about how I struggled (still struggle sometimes) to regard myself as beautiful.

WISHING : For the very best for me and mine which includes YOU!

DETERMINED TO : Be more productive and stop leaving things till the dying minute before I get them done.CRAVING : A new pair of shoe. I’m planning to curate a more fun shoe wardrobe ditching all the black shoes I own. I’m currently loving this Ainsley Point Toe Mule I found on shopbop by STEVEN.

EXCITED TO : Be back in uni. I absolutely hate that place, yes HATE but I’ve kinda missed hating it there I’m so excited to be back there lol.

ANTICIPATING : My first trip to the first travel destination on my WANDERLUST LIST for 2018. I’ve set realistic travel goals to four places this year and I really hope I’m able to visit each place before 2019.

HAPPY ABOUT : Finally figuring out that the reason why some people were having issues visiting my blog is not a problem from my end but from their network provider (globacom Nigeria) as I’ve been trying to figure what the problem is to no avail because I’m the least tech savvy person you’d ever come across, I don’t even know how I own and run a blog *facepalm*.

APPRECIATING : The over hundred and fifty people that are subscribed to my blog!! It’s been only four months since I moved to this site and lost all my previous stats but I’m glad to see that people are actually subscribing and for this reason I appreciate everyone that has taken this extra step to keep up with me.

IRRITATED BY : The fact my nose won’t stop running. It’s currently on a 1.5km marathon race, very slow and causing roadblocks for the free flow of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide going out.

INSPIRED BY : Amanda of londongirlinnyc. I just stumbled on her Instagram page last night and I was highly motivated. I left her page with a mindset of breaking all walls I’ve put up as regards fashion, I’ve been playing it safe because I still too shy to handle stares but right now I’ve decided I’m going to style my clothes and dress however I TRULY like which actually means more T-shirt and jeans combo (I bet you didn’t expect that, lmao).

PLANNING TO : Get my teeny weeny fro braided. I was actually going to get a fresh cut again since my last time at the barber was in October but I miss having hair to play with so I’m going to consciously knock the idea of getting a haircut out of my head no matter how strong the urge is, so help me God.

LOVING : My cassiedavesblogplanner. I’ve been wanting a blog planner and I’m glad my first is from a Nigerian brand run by a blogger like myself. Already wrote down my plans for the year like I did here and I hope by the end of 2018 I’m able to share with you.REGRETTING : Nothing actually.

UNSURE ABOUT : How you are going to take the changes I plan to make on my instagram page and also on this blog as regards images in my quest to always stand out and be different but I really do hope you like it.

READING : Articles on how to write a killer newsletter as I plan to start sending those out this year and I’m pretty excited because it’s not going to be about me asking you to go checkout my blog. So if you ain’t already subscribed to this blog, it will be super cool if you do so now to be one of the first people to get the very first one.

LISTENING TO : ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! My fav Justin Timberlake has a new album dropping soon titled ‘FRIDAY’ and I’m saving my ears for that. I’m such a fan girl, ikr!!!

There you have it, currently all the juice on what I’ve been about since the last currently I am post. Wishing you a happy new year again (for the last time as I’m tired of hearing and saying it already) and I hope all your heart desires come to past this year. Do feel free to let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see more from me this year or even posts you’d like me to start to write about.

Enter giveaway here.

Love always…

Do we share anything in common? Do leave me a comment below as I enjoy reading and replying to them, thanks.


9 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM |JAN’18

  1. Gurl!!! You killed me with that plot twist “more t-shirt nd jeans”😂😂 woah!! four new places to travel to sound fun. I set a goal of two nd im praying my school calender doesn’t mess me up😩🙇
    Im looking forward to what you hve in store for us 👏🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Though I’m not too big a fan of ‘currently I am’ posts, this was actually pretty great. I loved the parts where you talked of how you’re working towards being a better blogger, working on newsletters etc and hinting at changes you’re going to make. Can’t wait to see the changes, because I know it’s something you’ve carefully planned and will probably execute well. Good luck! Lol why are you shutting your ears to all forms of music though?


  3. Happy new year Ifeoma!
    You setting down four new places to go this year is brilliant! I do hope you get through each and every one of you’re goals!
    You’re doing great. Love from Kella.


  4. Yes to Travelling more this year!!!.I also Plan to Visit 5 countries this year,3 of which are African.Also patiently anticipating your newsletter and hoping to see more killer content on IG..Cheers to 2018


  5. I’m with you on the T-shirt and Jean outfit, I have missed school as well, not like I like school but it feels good to be back. This is my favourite post I must say, happy new year honey and yes am ready for the twist and new stuffs you will be doing. Wish you the very best this new year.


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