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If you came here looking for apps on photo and video editing you just clicked the wrong link. For photography apps, you can check this post and this one but for today’s post I’m sharing 3 apps I’ve been using since 2017 that I’ve found very helpful asides from my youversion bible app.


I keep a gratitude journal but last year I was on the move a lot of times and almost all of those time I didn’t take my journal with me and was unable to record some of the things that happened to me that I was grateful for like one night I was getting out of a bus and while my left leg was still in it, the bus driver decided to zoom off. I found that on the first Sunday of the December which is usually thanksgiving Sunday in my church I didn’t remember that happened so I went hunting for an app I could use to record things I’m grateful for while on the move because I love to be intentional about giving thanks to God and I really think you should be too. I’m really enjoying the app as it allows prompt messages that remind you a daily basis to note any incident you are grateful for. The only con of this app is that to enjoy it’s full features you have to upgrade to a pro version which you would have to pay for.


Being a student, blogger, social media manager etc has my head jamming with a lot of things most of the time and I can say I’m still very sane thanks to having this gaming app on my phone that I use to de-stress while I’m on the move. It’s a brick game, kinda like the game boys we 90s babies had while growing up. Once I feel the need to clear my head, on the commute home after a long day or I’m just bored, I log out of every other app, turn off my mobile network and play 1010!


I had to save the best of the last!!! This app really turned things around for me as regards saving in 2017, I’ve talked a little about it here and I really won’t stop talking about it because it’s very helpful. We all know by now the importance of saving and one thing a lot of us lack is the discipline to consciously save but with PiggyBank.ng you can still be very indisciplined and still save a lot of money. Last year, I was saving on a weekly basis and I’m still continuing to do so this year but one thing I’m doing differently this year is doubling how much I was saving last year as I have bigger dreams and plans this 2018. This app is a MUST HAVE.

Last week I introduced my online thrift shop on Instagram and the support has been amazing so far, I really appreciate it all. Still in the finessing process of the brand but I’d really appreciate it even more if you take out time to follow the Instagram page GIRLINBASICSTHESHOP to stay up to date on when sales begin. To give back to the society, 20% of all the profit made on a monthly basis will be give to an NGO that caters to keeping children off the street and in school. I’m currently back at school and I’m already tired but I’m so excited to finally be busy as the holiday was a little too long and came with me adding lots of weight I’m hoping the school stress will help me burn. I wish you an amazing and productive new week.

Love always…


To help someone be more productive this year, I’ve teamed up with @eldugo to give away this beauty Ankara print journal.


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  • In the comment section below share with me one way you think owning a planner helps one to stay productive.
  • Winner will be picked at random.
  • Please ensure to leave your Instagram handle in the comment section as well.
  • Giveaway ends on Friday the 12th of January.

What app(s) helped you live a better life in 2017? How many lifestyle apps do you currently have on your phone? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.


54 thoughts on “3 MUST HAVE APPS FOR 2018

  1. That grateful app sounds real interesting – something I need to get better at. How does it work? Are you reminded of things you said you were grateful for in the past?


  2. Piggy bank is definitely a must have app, helped me a lot last year. Last year was the first time had to use a planner, initially I wasn’t consistent with it but along the line I figured out that putting down stuff with a deadline to it helped me become very consistent and specific with my blog content. Looking back at the blog helped me realized how far I had come in my blogging journey. I’d be very grateful if I do get one!
    IG: @uzzymami

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  3. Saving money is something I’m determined to do this year and I’m so grateful i just heard about this app. As for the journal I’m a great testifier to the wonders keeping a journal can do for you as I have been journaling since 2016 and believe me when I say my journal is literally my best friend. It helped me set my goals ( there’s something about pening things down and seeing them) it helps you know how much progress you’re making and helps you know if you’re actually progressing and not just moving at the same spot. It also helps you recap on ways you were thinking before and how much you have grown . The present one I’m using now is currently in shambles and needs to be changed ASAP! I’d be extremely grateful if I win this giveaway.
    IG @c_oo_kie

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  4. I use the youversion Bible too… nice apps by the way. I’m kinda weirdly good at saving and I journal on my laptop now because I figured… I forget to write some times but I can’t go a day without opening my laptop. Even if it’s just to stare at it…

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  5. I Really just became a Fan of your Blog towards the End of 2017 and Now in 2018. It’s a Must Visit everyday including IG feeds. Well done Ma’am.

    Yes I use Piggy bank. And it’s genius.

    I get you pa at the game place. Mine is Candy crush or 4 pics 1 word. If I get 3 or 4 levels at one go. I feel like I just got an Answer to prayer. 😂😂😂.

    Honestly, A Planner has been on my wishlist for a Looooonnnggg time now.
    And it’s majorly Because, I have these sugar rush from time to time about Ideas and things I want to do and I just write them in jotters scattered all over.
    I will now be packing 3/4 jotters together when I’m looking for one thing I wrote.
    With a Planner, you know it’s One Book fits All – Dreams, and it will help you check some off and follow up on Pending ones.
    Off the Record – It just gives me a sense of I’ve got something together.

    Help me have a Productive 2018.


  6. I started using piggy bank last year November, I can say it has been a lifesaver literally, and journal, I am this kind of person that write a lot, I might just be sitting and I think of something, I just have to write it down so as not to forget, I take my church book all about, it is always in my hand bag, I even write on piece of paper, which end up misplacing. I think a journal will do for all that. It also keeps track of what one has to do, not forgetting and all, it can also be used as a to-do. But for me, a journal will always be good for writing, almost all my IG captions are always written down months before i snap the picture. I just check and choose the appropriate one for the picture. Thanks for this blog mami, I love you…. IG: mhz_toluwalope


  7. A planner like the name help me to plan and organise my engagements to make sure everything is well organised, nothing clashes and to know when i have a spare time for other things. It basically makes life more easier for me.

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  8. Would be downloading the piggy bank app.Sounds great!,and the grateful app too.I have never had or used a planner but I feel when I write stuffs down it would help me to plan my day and get alot of things done.Most times I only think of what I plan to do in my head and end up forgetting about it or I get lazy and don’t feel motivated anymore.But I guess once I have gotten it written down it will kind of motivate me to do as planned.Ticking things to do would be fun and fulfilling.IG@nnnadzwa


  9. Owning a planner helps me keep track of my posts, schedule and most importantly goals. It’s very easy to lose track of things and I have figured jotting minimal stuffs down helps one remember, stay focus & keep track.
    IG: @seunog_


  10. First of, owning a journal is really helpful, it helps me plan ahead of time, put ideas down immediately they come and keep records of my blog improvement.
    -The piggybank app seems really good for students and people who like to save. Taking myself as an example, I’ve been wanting to join this saving organizatioms in the area but haven’t because of the fear of scamming so this looks like a real deal for me.
    -For me, I play the 4 pics One Word game, it helps the brain wprk


  11. First of, owning a journal is really helpful, it helps me plan ahead of time, put ideas down immediately they come and keep records of my blog improvement.
    I’ve been having problem remembring ideas I come up with so I always have a journal with me whenever I’m traveling or going out to meet up with friends. I also put down my goals for each month to see how far I went towards achieving them *made me see how lazy I am towards achieving them*. I’m able to keep track of posts, weekly and monthly. It is really cool if all bloggers get one. I for example don’t have one yet, but I have a fancy book that I’ve kept aside for that, I have paper stickers in them, plus different colored pen to spice things up so that my planner doesn’t look boring. I look forward to owning a real one but right now, I gotta make do with what I have *improvising
    – I really don’t have lifestyle apps on my phone but if you can help with some you use it would be lovely.
    -The piggybank app seems really good for students and people who like to save. Taking myself as an example, I’ve been wanting to join this saving organizatioms in the area but haven’t because of the fear of scamming so this looks like a real deal for me.
    -For me, I play the 4 pics One Word game, it helps improve the speed of the brain. I also play Candy crush, quite addictive.

    I can sight some real fancy tassel earrings I’m that pack. The pack looks colorful too


  12. You introduced me to PiggyBank.ng and it’s already put my money on lock down, I love the fact you can’t withdraw whenever. I’m really grateful for this App!


  13. For me, my journal is a place or a book i use to simply collect my thoughts. It helps me hold myself accountable. When i write down my goals, I am much more likely to accomplish them. Seeing my dreams in writing can be powerful, and seeing my goals in text can be daunting. When I look at my journal, it motivates and drives me forward. I also use it to capture ideas. Journaling is a powerful experience in “emptying my head.” The ideas just start coming. I often find myself adding things to my todo list while journaling. Writing in my journal is like having a conversation with my inner self. I get in the zone, and my inner thoughts just start flowing. Sometimes i don’t even know what had been on my mind until i write it down. Also internally, i know what is important. But, sometimes it takes putting it down in my journal to make my priorities clear and apparent.Thank you for your awesome apps anyway
    It will go a long way.
    ——— ig @ma_kua


  14. Great post ifeoma. I can’t wait to try out the gratitude app and the piggy bank app too. I really need to work on my saving habits this year. Also I have owned a daily planner once and it really made a lot of difference in my daily activities as a student, blogger and manager. Owning a planner helps one to be productive because it helps in putting down all the work that needs to be done, prioritizing based on importance, avoiding procastination and meeting deadlines. IG: @_orella


  15. I am so interested in PiggyBank.
    Concerning the giveaway, having a planner with make Life less stressful for me. Things would be much organized and not messy. Life would be amazing.
    IG: @your_melanin_sister


  16. I love the Vsco app. i se it to edit my pictures for my blog and Instagram. I love my Samsung health app because it helps me track my fitness and health routine.

    PS: we have the same name. i never thought that i would find another Sanita. Anything is possible in this blogging world


  17. Wow.. I love your post. I’ve been following for a while now. The piggy bank app sounds interesting. I’ll give it a try as I find it difficult to save even though I save(a Lil amount) before you know it… Money’s gone.
    The grateful app is something worth having… Off to play store to download it 😊
    Reaaaaaly… I’ve veen trying to get a journal but to no avail 😥 Due to cost. I love writing things down as to the goals I want to achieve weekly, monthly etc. Also thoughts and ideas come in a flash and I just write it on a random piece of paper and afterwards it’s nowhere to be found. Also this will help even as a prayer journal. It’s beautiful BTW. I’d love to win it 😄
    IG: idaara_mii


  18. I love the Grateful and Piggy bank app, I already save a lot but I’m still going to get it. Lovely post btw, it’s genius recommending apps not blogging related. As for that Ankara journal I want o, it will help me stay organised and on point with my schedule…instead of using a notebook for that. IG: @chelsea.bissh


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