how to style dress over pants

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It’s been just 14days and it feels like I’ve been away since forever. I must confess I absolutely missed this space including each and every one of you my best buds. I took a short break to restrategize because one thing I’m very passionate about is creating good quality content while making sure that everything I put out adds value to you reading this. I’m back now and in today’s post, I’d be sharing with you a trend that I’ve seen on my fav fashion babes that I love so much and finally got around to nailing it which is the DRESS OVER PANTS TREND.

What I’m Wearing :

how to style dress over pants

Dress : Thrifted

Jeans : Thrifted

Shoe : Gift from Oyin Purse : Jumia (similar)

Glasses : Street Vendor

how to style dress over pantsBeing down to earth as I like to regard my 5’3 self, there are so many fashion pieces that I’d love to style and wear that I’ve not been able to get right because of my small frame and the dress over pants trend happens to be one of them. As you might have figured out from the title of this post, I’ve finally figured how to go around it and not look funny or like I’m drowning in my clothes and decided to share my 3 tips to nailing this look incase there is one or more of you readers of this blog that wants to give this trend a try.


how to style dress over pants

Although elongated or full length pants make your legs look longer which is the dream of so many of us girls including me, it might appear too overwhelming when paired with a dress. So a cropped wide legged pant like the one I have on is a perfect choice as it gives a well constructed and put together look.


how to style dress over pants

To finish off this look well, I figured heels are the most preferred choice because it makes up for the illusion of long legs that wearing cropped pants might have deprived you of. If you are going for a simple casual look like me, you can swap the stilettos for blocked heel shoes like the one I have on and still be on point (ugh do people still say ‘on point’? Lmao)


how to style dress over pants

I can remember vividly the stares I got wearing this outfit from my house to the shoot location and to make matters worse I had to journey via the public commute (aka danfo buses and bikes), so you can imagine all the eyes on me but I loved what I was wearing and was ready to own it all the way which is exactly what I did.

how to style dress over pantshow to style dress over pantshow to style dress over pantshow to style dress over pantsLike I said in this post, 2018 is the year I stop restricting myself fashion and style was simply because I want to be relatable. I’d describe my style as very very verySIMPLE, in that simplicity I’d wear whatever I deem fit to as long as it makes me happy and staring at myself in the windows of every car I walk by in the streets of Lagos. I really hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a very pleasant and enjoyable new week.

PS : Just announced the winner of my last giveaway on my IG story!!!

Love always…


What do you think of this trend? Did I nail it or miss it? Do you like this new style of photos? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. I love how simple and easy this outfit looks. It’s definitely something I’ll wear. I mean we did wear leggings underneath dresses soooo jeans aren’t an exception. One look I’m hoping to try is a skirt over jeans. A light bulb 💡 just went off in my head 😉
    You owned the look as always plus shout out to Seun for these pictures 👏🏾 👌🏾


  2. Your blog is truely amazing and inspiring… I am an aspiring blogger and I have one question… what camera do you use to take your photos? Are they all professional shots or are they taken with your phone?


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